The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Law Firm Marketing Agency

If you’re a lawyer looking to hire a law firm marketing agency to boost your digital marketing game, you’re not alone. Many attorneys feel they are not getting the results they need in this regard. In fact, a recent survey of law marketing efforts found that attorney websites were the fourth worst-performing channels that they have.

This can damage your authority. And in the world of legal services, reputation is everything. Here are some tips to help you choose the right marketing agency for your law firm and avoid the negatives.

Do Your Research

There’s a saying in business circles that you should be slow to hire and quick to fire. The sentiment is that taking time to do the necessary research will ensure a better fit for the company.

As lawyer marketing is concerned, that means taking the time to learn about the agency’s process. What do they do to achieve results for their clients, and what are some examples that demonstrate their expertise?

You should also check the scope of services and pricing for what is offered. Use this as a point of comparison as you shop around. And don’t hire the first marketing for lawyers agency you meet unless you’ve properly vetted them against what other agencies have to offer.

Do Set Measurable Goals

Another important thing to consider when hiring a marketing agency for lawyers is what meeting your goals will look like. That means setting measurable goals. A good agency can help with this.

They realize the proof is in the performance. Talk to them about metrics: what you hope to accomplish, where you want to accomplish it, and what they’re able to produce.

Do Seek Specialization

Marketing legal services are different from other businesses. Divorce lawyer marketing, for example, is held to more regulatory standards than a consumer product. For example, in many states, you’re not able to pay for referrals.

You also have to consider how potential clients search for your services online and tailor your marketing strategy around that. Look for an agency that specializes in law firm marketing and has a solid understanding of digital marketing practices.

Don’t Cut Corners

Some of what you might be paying for from a marketing firm is administrative. Making posts on social media, optimizing blog posts, and publishing new content. Why pay for what your paralegals can handle?

But that’s a bad idea. For one, paralegals have specialized training and other job duties to which they’re suited. Secondly, splitting duties can create a situation where the right hand isn’t sure what the left hand is doing.

Don’t Use Business Marketing As A Favor

Some legal professionals might hire the first agency they can find. A marketer is a marketer, so they think. As long as they’re doing what you ask, you should be fine.

Not the case! A bad marketer could take your money and give you no results at best and get you blacklisted at worst. It’s not a side of your business to take lightly. And no, hiring your cousin’s aspiring web designer friend out of pity is not a good move for your firm.

Don’t Operate Without Written Agreements

Get everything in writing. This ensures the scope of the work is understood, and it keeps everyone on the same page regarding workflow, costs, and other aspects of the marketing plan.

Law Firm Marketing Is Vital to Your Success

Taking the extra time necessary for your law firm marketing needs is worth it when you end up hiring a great agency out of the gate. Do hire the best firm for the job. Don’t hire just anyone.

Your business is worth more than that. For more marketing information and articles, check out some of our additional posts.


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