What Cases Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Fight for You?

federal criminal defense lawyer is who specializes in defending individuals and companies charged with illegal activity. Some criminal lawyers work as private lawyers defending individuals and companies, the various jurisdictions employ some with criminal courts for appointment to represent indigent persons. The ones appointed by jurisdictions for safeguarding the public are generally known as public defenders.

The cases defended by criminal lawyers are the ones that involve activities that break the law. They are of various kinds and are obliged to be settled in a court of law, where the judge or sometimes a jury declares its verdict after considering the evidence presented for the trial. 

Going through this article would help you understand more about what kinds of cases would require hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Plus, if you ever find yourself in any of the situations mentioned below, reach out to a criminal defense lawyer in Madison for immediate help. 

Criminal defense cases are believed to be one of the most difficult cases to win, and for this, you need a seasoned and reputable lawyer with an excellent winning record.


Murder is a deed where the killing of another human without justification or with malice aforethought is executed. Since it involves killing another human, it is classified as a crime and comes under the head of criminal law.

There are different types of murder cases, and each one is unique and comes with it the sentence of either life imprisonment or death, depending on the state’s laws.  There have been many cases when an innocent person is codified as guilty by mistake.  That’s why for murder cases, the background of a lawyer defending you needs to be carefully scrutinized.  Because sometimes, it could be a battle of wits in the courtroom.

As society considers murder a grave crime, its accusation can bring a gale in your life. But if you are falsely accused or are framed by someone, make sure you immediately hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend yourself. They would not one rescue you from the crisis but also clear your name, allowing you to live peacefully after setting free. 

Sexual assault

Sexual assault is an act where someone has been forced to build a sexual relationship with another person. This is a grave crime as it involves creating physical relations with some against their will. 

Getting accused of something such severe can seriously damage your name even if you have been falsely accused. But hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Madison who has in-depth knowledge about the same can help you cut short the process, lessening the trauma you would face outside the court.

Most experienced criminal lawyers handling sexual assault cases are adept at proving consent was granted, making an accusation false and baseless.  If you’re the victim, you need to be prepared for your name not just smeared but your person vilified. Your lawyer would need to make counter-attacks and prove otherwise.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is abuse occurring in a domestic setting such as a marriage or even cohabitation. 

No matter what kind of relationship you have with your partner, physical abuse can be harrowing. It not just affects your physical appearance but has a long-lasting impact on your mental health, which can be traumatizing. So if you have been or are being a victim of domestic violence, reach out to a criminal defense lawyer ASAP. 

Most domestic violence cases can be settled, so it does not go to the courtroom. Because subjecting you and your family to public scrutiny can be very traumatizing to all parties but most especially to the children. But for people who have suffered abuse for an extended period, this could be the be-all and end-all of a relationship.  Your lawyer must be able to prove self-defense as the primary defense or that your partner is falsely accusing you of doing that to get custody of the children. 

They would help you get off such a traumatizing relationship and help you get compensated for your loss. 


Getting involved in any sort of criminal case doesn’t necessarily mean you are at fault. But it is better to hire a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Kansas City to deal with the upcoming chaos resulting from the situation. 

Apart from the situation mentioned above, there are many other scenarios such as battery, assassination, identity theft, and many more. You should reach out to a criminal lawyer for help. 

And when you think of appointing one, there is none better than a criminal defense lawyer in Madison.


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