Why you should not get into carding

Carding is a type of scam in which a scammer steals a credit card. Online shopping, Online transactions, Online gaming credits are on peak nowadays. However, there are a lot of people stealing others’ credit cards, bank information. Later these people use stolen credit cards and purchase products from an online store or buying gaming credit, etc.

Why you should not get into Carding

There are tons of blogs covering how to get into carding, but we are here to discuss why you should not get into carding. Here are the following reasons why you should avoid it.

Caught by the cyber police

The most and scary reason to avoid it is getting caught by the cyber police. Even if you use VPNs, Proxies, still there are 70% chances you get traced and get behind the bars for a few bucks.

How to Protect Your Credit Card Information


Some people are claiming that carding is legal. No way, you are stealing someone’s hard-earned money. Carding is illegal.


Earning money is not easy. You may use someone’s hard-earned money in useless game credits, or some online products for a few bucks.

Be a real person

Be a real person and work hard. It is easy to steal someone’s money but it is hard to earn your own money. Die with honor.

Waste of money

Stealing credit cards or bank is not an easy job. You have to purchase expensive spam tools in order to perform a spamming campaign. You may face failure or get scammed by online fraudsters.

Avoid getting into carding and be a responsible person.

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