Home remedies for diabetic nerve pain

Struggling with diabetic nerve pain is a painful amalgamation that may often look like suffering. The pain and numbness which can be felt in feet, hands, lower legs, or arms can often be devastating. Beyond that, nerve pain might cause certain digestive problems and lasting nerve damage. To manage this, you should take the right diabetic neuropathy medications.

Thus, it becomes very important to discuss with a medical professional to get diabetes controlled and create a plan for the diabetic neuropathy treatment, also there are a few things a person can do at home to mitigate the pain instantaneously.

These are some natural diabetic neuropathy treatments found to be useful in managing the condition momentarily.

1. Take the right kind of diet

A healthy diet is fundamental in regulating glucose levels, and when diabetes is under control, the damage to the nerves would also slow down. A person requires watching the number of carbs and sugars he or she consumes as they will raise the blood glucose level. The number of processed foods should also be reduced and a person must drink a good amount of water on a daily basis. A person can also add fresh and unprocessed whole foods, some lean proteins, foods that are high in fiber, as well as healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids diet for diabetics. It is also good to cut back any simple carbs and extra sugar or additive. Also, saturated and trans-fat consumption should be minimized and the use of unsaturated fats should be supported.  Triglycerides considerably are responsible for the incidence of diabetic complications. Instead of table sugar, stevia can be used to avoid increases in blood glucose levels. Also, lots of filtered water should be taken and soda, juices, or other sweetened drinks should be avoided. 

2. Relax

Neuropathic pain also triggers when the body reacts to stress with inflammation. Also, it is seen when stress levels are high, nerve pain also gets increased. If that’s the case, a person must work to relax and healthily manage the stress levels. Meditating, going out for a walk, or doing a hobby helps in relaxing the mind and body. A good body massage and acupuncture work great in mitigating stress and reducing the signs of neuropathy.

3. Exercise Lowers down the Nerve Pain

Exercising is useful in a number of ways, including helping a person maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Also, by exercising, neuropathy patients frequently report less pain. In addition, exercise also assists in keeping glucose levels within limits. Also read: Best Exercises For Type 2 Diabetes

4. Using Natural Pain Relievers

Some natural oils as well as nutrients when taken on a regular basis can help in lessening the amount of pain a person may experience from diabetic nerve pain. Cinnamon helps in controlling blood glucose levels. A couple teaspoons of Cinnamon can be added to a meal, or a person can consume cinnamon supplements. Another alternative is to utilize peppermint, lavender, or frankincense oils to aid in reduction in pain. Primrose oil is another anti-inflammatory agent used for decreasing the numbness and burning sensation.

5. Improving the Kidney Health

Kidneys experience loads of stress when the blood sugar is uncontrolled. People dealing with diabetic nerve pain are also at a greater risk for renal problems and kidney stones. By checking the surrounding chemicals and pesticides, people can assist the reduction of several toxins kidneys to have to handle. Beauty products and cleaners (comprise chemicals) on a daily use can cause damage to the weakened kidneys. 

6. Controlling Blood Glucose

Controlling the blood glucose helps in keeping nerves from continuous damage. Also, it lessens the risk of stroke, vision problems, and many more. Also, a person must consume a healthy diet, exercise often, and may even require medicine to attain this.

7. Watching blood pressure

Hypertension most commonly occurs in individuals with diabetes which augments the complications of diabetic nerve pain. The blood flow gets reduced because of the damaged blood vessels. Thus, it is suggested to track blood pressure levels in order to avoid any future complications.

8. Quitting Smoking

If a person has diabetic neuropathy, he or she is more inclined to develop kidney issues. Thus, decreasing added stress on the kidney from the toxins in smoking is a great aid. Smoking is a risk factor for diabetic nerve pain and developing circulations problems in the feet. A smoker has a higher chance in comparison to a non-smoker to die of a heart attack or stroke.

9. Weight Loss

Additional pressure on the legs and feet exacerbates the painful condition. Other suggestions are using soft leather shoes as it is recommended by personal trainers Berwick.

It may be very problematic to exercise and function customarily while in pain, even creating difficulty in getting the blood glucose levels under control. Everybody’s body is slightly different, and that implies the neuropathy a person is experiencing might not react to all of the abovestated remedies. This is where a person needs a neuropathy expert on his or her side. 

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