Why Swiss Watch Companies Are the Best

To buy a Swiss watch means you can trust your purchase. When you turn to Swiss brands to choose your timepiece you get a high-quality standard. One that has evolved over the centuries to hold onto its position in the market.

It hasn’t always been a straight road for Swiss watch companies. The industry has had its share of challenges, with competition in the market and advancements in manufacturing. Four centuries later, though, Switzerland still dominates the market for watch manufacturers.

What is it that makes Swiss brands, the ultimate in wristwatches? Read on to find out.

The Reputation of Swiss Luxury

In the sixteenth century, Jean Calvin banned the wearing of any ornamental objects. This forced goldsmiths and jewelers to find an alternative in watchmaking, and by the end of the century, Geneva had forged its reputation by creating watches of an excellent standard.

They’ve succeeded in staying at the forefront of the industry by being innovative with design and manufacturing. In fact, Swiss watches have locked down a lot of firsts among watch manufacturers. First wristwatch, the first water-resistant wristwatch, the world’s smallest wristwatch, and many more.

Over the last four centuries, Swiss brands have evolved, holding onto their reputation as a luxury brand. Maybe that’s why many consumers are prepared to pay 20% more, for the Swiss-made label.

All that’s left to do is decide which is the ideal watch for you.

What Are Swiss Watch Companies?

What does it take to for a watch manufacturer to be considered a Swiss brand?

Regulations are in place to ensure that the Swiss-made label can’t be applied to just anyone who wants to use it. According to the Federation of Swiss Watches, at least 60% of the watch’s production costs must be incurred in Switzerland.

Also, the technical design and the movement (the part of the dress that drives the hands to make it tick) must be developed in Switzerland. There is the possibility that the law will increase to 80% production based in Switzerland.

Why Buy Swiss?

Centuries of experience taught Swiss manufacturers to develop modern technologies, and the regulations they initiate mean that to be included as a Swiss brand, strict requirements must be reached.

Swiss watches are handmade and built with metal components rather than plastic, which makes them more durable, and the metal parts give them a refined appearance as well, and because they can be serviced, your Swiss watch will last a lifetime.

With their timeless style and exemplary design, your only decision is what type of Swiss watch you want. Whether you want sporty or classic, H2Hub Tissot has a wide selection for you to look through.

Finding Your Watch

Swiss brands have mainstreamed their designs over time, with their watches being the ideal mix of luxury and performance.

Switzerland does many things well. Delicious chocolate, beautiful cities, and alpine scenery, but Swiss watches stand out as the ultimate in luxury.

If you’re looking for a gift, an heirloom, or a watch that will be stylish and still work for a lifetime. The answer is to turn to Swiss watch companies. You’ll find what you’re looking for there.

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