A Quick Guide on the Main Types of Guns

There were 10 million more firearm-related background checks in 2021 than in 2019. The pandemic, unstable economic conditions, and the threats of global instability have all led Americans to purchase firearms in record numbers.

If you are thinking about purchasing a firearm, you first need to know about the different types of guns. Buying a gun is a huge responsibility, and you need to weigh your options wisely. Part of gun safety is understanding your firearm.

Learn the basics about different types of firearms here. That way, before shooting a gun, you will understand how each type works. Read on to learn some intriguing information about the main types of guns.

Home Defense Weapons

Home defense is one of the main reasons for purchasing a firearm. The Second Amendment to the Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms, mostly so they can defend their homes. The following are great home defense weapons.


Shotguns are the ideal type of gun for home defense. They are best for short-range and have a high rate of spread, making them hard to miss a target with. They come in many forms, such as pump-action, double barrel, or single barrel.

Short-Range Pistols

Pistols are another great weapon for home defense. Pistols are smaller than shotguns and can be operated with a single hand. A short-range pistol such as a snub nose is best for home defense.

An example of one is the Taurus Defender 856. Before buying one, check out some Taurus 856 problems and benefits so that you have done adequate research.

Hunting and Range Weaponry

Not all weapons are ideal for home defense. Weapons that have longer range, and higher caliber bullets are ideal for hunting or the range. Here are a few examples of types of hunting and range weaponry.


Rifles are a vast category of firearms that have been around for a long time. They have elongated barrels and are ideal for long-range shooting. Many come equipped with scopes for increased accuracy at long range.

Long-Range Pistols

A snub-nosed pistol may be ideal for home defense, but a long-range pistol is better for the field or range. Some long-range pistols have elongated barrels or scopes to make them more accurate at longer distances.

Tactical Rifles

Tactical or assault rifles are an ideal weapon for the home or range. Most state and federal laws limit the legal purchase of fully automatic and even some semi-automatic tactical rifles for the general civilian population.

That said, with the proper license, you can still purchase a single-shot or semi-auto tactical rifle, depending on what state you live in. Tactical rifles are ideal for long-range shooting or combat situations, but they also work for hunting.

Know the Types of Guns Out There

Before you start asking yourself: “how much does a gun cost?”, you first need to know about the different types of guns. By knowing your intended use for a firearm, you can select the right type of gun for you.

Use the information in this guide to develop a basic understanding of firearms. Then, learn important gun safety tips and research the legal requirements of registering a firearm before making a purchase. Check back here for more info!


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