Types of Baseball Bats: Choosing the Right One

Did you know that an estimated 10 billion people play baseball around the world? If you’re someone starting out in the sport, getting the right type of bat is a crucial part of the experience.

So what are the different types of baseball bats? Which ones work best for your needs and how do you know?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about different baseball bat types and how to choose the right ones. 

One-Piece Bats and Two-Piece Bats

Let’s first dive into what one-piece and two-piece bats are.

One-piece bats are bats made out of just one type of material. They’re sturdier and stronger, so players who like hitting the ball far and hard consistently like to use one-piece bats as a result.

Two-piece bats use two different materials as part of the construction. The handle is made out of a different material than that of the barrel, causing some flex once the ball is hit.

Types of Baseball Bats: Materials

Now that we know what one- and two-piece bats are, let’s look at some of the materials that make up different types of baseball bats. The most popular materials out there are alloy, aluminum, wood, and composite.


Let’s start with aluminum bats. This material is used in bats across many levels of play, starting from youth baseball all the way to high school leagues.

Aluminum is light, durable, and helps you hit the ball farther due to its composition. It’s excellent for those looking to hone their swings once they start playing baseball for the first time.


Alloy is a material that is made up of aluminum mixed with various other metals. The main advantage of alloy bats is the thinner barrel. This makes for a more responsive bat.


If you know someone who’s getting started in baseball but can’t handle the weight of an alloy or aluminum bat just yet, composite bats are the way to go. They’re made out of graphite, plastic, and even titanium.

These bats are great for practice since a lot of games don’t allow for their use. It’s also not as durable, making it perfect for beginners.


Finally, we have wood bats. These are the type you see professional players using around the world. As far as baseball bats go, they’re quite iconic.

A lot of bats are either made out of birch, ash, or maple wood. There are different advantages to each type, and a lot of two-piece bats are wood bats. 

While there are lots of variations on wooden bats, they’re typically heavier. It’s also harder to send balls farther if you aren’t accustomed to swinging a bat.

Getting the Best Type of Baseball Bat

Understanding the different types of baseball bats all comes down to utility and your experience level. Use this guide to help you understand what the different types are and how you can use them. 

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