The Secret to Healthy Bones

The bones in your body start losing density as early as in your 30s, when bone growth slows down.

And as you age, this can lead to weaker bones, causing a variety of health problems that can greatly impact your quality of life.

But aging doesn’t have to guarantee bone problems. There are ways to build strong, healthy bones no matter your age. Read on for the number one secret to bone health.

Why Does Bone Health Matter?

You might think that having healthy bones isn’t that important. But once bone density decreases, you may not be able to rebuild it, especially as you get older.

This can lead to several irreversible health problems.

If you develop osteoporosis, which can be diagnosed by an orthopedic doctor, your posture may change, and you may lose height as a result. Then, as bone loss progresses, you may experience aches and pains.

And strong bones are necessary to support the entire body. Without them, it becomes more and moreΒ difficult to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

Then, even a gentle fall can be enough to break and fracture bones. And for some bones, such as spinal and hip bones, a break can lead to long-term disability and even death.

What’s the Secret to Healthy Bones?

Bone health matters, but what can you actually do to strengthen bones in your body?

There’s one secret solution that trumps all others, and you can start using it now: following a healthy diet.

The food we eat (or don’t eat) can make a huge impact on bone health. And while you’ve likely already heard about drinking milk for strong bones, there are several other foods and drinks that can benefit your skeletal system too.

Because bones are made up of about 50% protein, eating protein-rich foods such as meat or nuts is crucial for bone density. And unsurprisingly, calcium like that found in milk is important too. However, the body can’t absorb much calcium at once, so it’s better to consume calcium throughout the day, not all in one meal.

Whole foods like vegetables and whole grains can also strengthen bones and prevent bone loss. Try incorporating a variety of vitamin-rich plants and grains into your diet.

Overall, the secret to healthy bones, then, is to simply followΒ a healthy, balanced diet.

Processed junk foods tend to have less essential vitamins, minerals, and protein needed to maintain strong bones as you age. Avoid the fast food drive-thru, and stick to natural and whole food items instead.

Healthy Aging Starts in Your Bones

With age comes weaker bones, leading to aches, pains, and even breaks that can be difficult to recover from.

But with a healthier diet, you can maintain healthy bones that support you and your body long into your golden years.

The foods we eat can impact our health in countless other ways. Learn about more healthy foods and nutrition in our latest health articles! The foods we eat can impact our health in countless other ways. Learn about more healthy foods and nutrition in our latest health articles!


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