Some Reasons Why Sir Walter Grass Is The Best Lawn For Families In Sydney

Are you seeking grass in Sydney to fit your busy family’s lifestyle? Here are a few of the reasons why we think Sir Walter Grass from Sydney Lawn And Turf is the finest lawn for families in Sydney. Weekend time is extremely valuable to parents of small children. Why spend hours mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and maintaining your lawn after a long week at work when you might be relaxing in your backyard? Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified turf is inherently less susceptible to insect damage, disease resistance, and upkeep than many other grass types available in Sydney. Families may expect to spend less time mowing, fertilizing, and weeding their lawns and more time enjoying them as a result.


Nothing beats getting the kids outside to burn off some energy while also getting some exercise. Backyard football, cricket, swing sets, slides, trampolines, and lawn furniture, on the other hand, may all harm the lawn surface, causing bare spots and browning. With its tight growth habit, Sir Walter Buffalo grass offers a high level of natural wear resistance that can withstand intense traffic and the exhilaration of a touchdown!

Because of its capacity to self-heal, bare areas under swings are rare, and the grass will rapidly restore itself when the swing set is moved.

Similarly, Sir Walter Buffalo turf’s excellent shade tolerance means it will maintain its color better in shadowed settings, such as beneath trampolines and lawn furniture, than other grass kinds, and will rapidly recover to full health once the objects are removed.


Scratchy old buffalo lawns were a common sight in our early Australian backyards. Thankfully, they, like the mullet and MC Hammer trousers, are a thing of the past. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo and other new soft leaf buffalo types are really soft, luxuriant, and irritation-free, making them excellent for children and dogs.


With Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf, allergy and hay fever sufferers may breathe better. This low-allergy type generates far less pollen than other grass varieties, and the delicate leaf blades cause less discomfort. Because of the natural resilience to diseases and pests, your lawn will require fewer pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to keep it looking wonderful all year – a win for all families, but especially those with allergies.


Sydney families’ increasingly hectic lifestyles might be harmful to their health. Between school drop-off and pick-up, work, and after-school activities, families have little time to spend together, much alone go out and exercise.

Conclusion:- Healthy Kids, an NSW government project, recommends that children engage in at least 60 minutes of physical exercise each day, and suggests that parents arrange a variety of games and activities to keep bodies moving, blood circulating, and muscles and bones strengthened. They also recognize the importance of parents serving as role models for their children when it comes to physical exercise. There’s no greater method to do this than to go out in front of the TV and into your backyard, and there’s no better grass to use than Sir Walter Buffalo turf.

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