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Just SERP is the most trusted Google SERP API. The company serves all of your needs for SERP API and Google SERP API, etc. SERP is quite vital if you want to boost traffic and improve your ranking. Let’s check out why SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is important in SEO.

The Important Features of SERP

If your website is optimized, the SERP features then give a boost to your traffic and CTRs. Besides, with SERP, the users can also find relevant information to their queries. SERP is also necessary and appears to be quite important to help your website stay on top. Just SERP is a trustworthy name in the field, and utterly helps the businesses (for their websites) and websites’ owners in this regard.

In a simple definition, SERP features are the elements that appear on Google’s search engine results page which go beyond the conventional ’10 blue links’. Talking about the common examples of SERP features, they include knowledge panels, featured snippets, image packs, and video carousels.

Note: It is very hard (in today’s scenario) to find search results on Google without any SERP features.

11 SERP Features – Quite Important in Today’s Scene

  1. Top and Bottom Ads
  2. Featured Snippets
  3. Rich Snippets
  4. Video Carousels
  5. Sitelinks
  6. Local Packs (also know as The Map Packs)
  7. People Also Ask Boxes
  8. Knowledge Panels
  9. Twitter Cards
  10. Image Packs
  11. Top Stories

4 SERP Features and How to Rank for Them?

  1. Do search for longtail keywords. Phrase them as questions to later use in the content.
  2. Include these question keywords in your article/content, then write answers to them.
  3. Write with a purpose to help people/users in your content.
  4. Format in a manner that Google can then detect the answers.

Basic Elements of SERP

The three main and most important elements of SERP are queries, organic search results, and advertisements. Therefore, the SERP of major search engines (the likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Sogou, and Petal) might consist of various types of increased results such as images, definitions, maps, and snippets.

Just SERP Features

Just SERP is the most reliable Google SERP API. Its platform very smartly provides the customers with a highly available API for extracting SERP API. Let’s check out its features.

Structured Data – They provide reliable and consistent data. All features of SERP are included.

Multiple Devices – You will get SERP results for mobile, desktop and tablet.

1000 Plus Locations – The customers get multiple locations backed by Google’s geolocation parameters and proxies.

Just SERP lets you scrape Google and all other popular search engines from its easy, speedy and complete API. You will get real-time and real results. With its location parameter, you will get accurate locations. Above all, the company offers very affordable prices to make good business relations.

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