Why it is necessary to use valid email checkers before sending your marketing campaign

Marketing campaigns can be a huge success if you know how to use them correctly. However, one of the most important things that you need to do is check your mailing list before sending emails out into the world. It will help decrease your chances of being flagged as spam and ensure that those on your list actually want what you have to offer. This article will discuss how valid email checkers can boost your marketing campaign by hunting dead or non-existing emails, as well as confirming whether an email has registered with a targeted website or not!

A valid email checker can ensure your emails are ready to be sent to the targeted audience.

Advantages of Valid Email Checkers

  • Look for Bounce emails
  • Hunt for Dead Emails
  • Identify Non Existing Emails
  • Validate Email
  • Target audience

It can help identify bounce emails that are the number one reason why marketing campaigns fail. Valid email checkers will hunt down these dead or non-existing emails, ensuring your distribution list is ready for use! You can easily spot out invalid addresses and remove them with a quick glance through your mailing list.

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We want to promote an amazon based product using email marketing. However, we are not sure which of the email have an amazon registered account. It is better to spend less but quality and targeted campaigns instead of huge but worthless campaigns. Sending to 1000 targeted emails campaign is much better than sending to 10000 non-targeted blind emails. These 10000 emails must have bounce emails, dead emails, non-existing emails, and much more. All you will do is increase the spam rate of your email, and your campaign will hit spam. So, we will use an amazon valid email checker to get the registered and targeted audience and boost our marketing campaign by 200%.

Why EmailChecks?

EmailChecks provides a Valid Email Checker API service offering 100% accuracy. It is built or Amazon, Apple, eBay, Aliexpress, Chase, office365 etc.

Amazon Valid Email Checker

Chase Valid Email Checker

Apple Valid Email Checker

Office365 Valid Email Checker

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