How to Wash Sandals

Having a hard time washing sandals? Most of us also do. Dealing with deep stains, hard dirt, and stinking odor is not easy sometimes.

So we’ve prepared something to help you. Follow these guidelines on how to wash sandals, and you’ll be doing it in no time.

How to Wash Sandals Using Ordinary Household Cleaners

Plenty of familiar elements for household use are capable of cleaning sandals. These are cheap, practical, and always available for you.

The Basic Water and Soap Treatment

The universal approach to cleaning still applies to rubber, plastic, and synthetic sandals—the water and soap solution.

You can do it in manual washing mode. Mix at least 15 ml of detergent into a liter of water to create a solution. Use a bristle brush to scrub off spotted or tarnished areas using light pressure.

You can soak in the sandals for a few minutes if you need to. This will help stuck dirt to loosen a little bit.

For sandals that are not too delicate, you can choose to wash them using laundry machines. Setting them to at least 10-15 minutes can accomplish much. Rinse after washing.

Dry it out by air or ventilation. Avoid the temptation of drying sandals in the open sunlight. It may cause irreversible damage.

The Power of Baking Soda and Water

Smelly sandals also need cleaning elements that deal with the odor. The best household item available is water and baking soda.

Create a cleaning paste by mixing a small amount of water and baking soda. Then with a bristle brush, apply the paste to the sandal that needs cleaning. Start at the inner areas and deep corners where dirt and residues accumulate.

Wash with water after application and enjoy clean sandals.

The Magic of Vinegar and Water Solution

Vinegar’s popular cleansing ability can also be applied to your sandals. Mixing it in equal parts with water could do a simple trick.

Dip a small damp cloth into the mix and rub over dirty sandal spots. This will remove stains and specks on your footwear through gentle swabbing. Do the process over and over until you get the result you desire.

How to Wash Sandals Using Special Cleaning Products

The Wonder of Saddle Soap

There are special pastes for cleaning leather-made sandals like flat or platform sandals. Saddle soap is one proven product made for this purpose.

Using a damp cloth, dip it in a small amount of water then get a small amount of saddle soap. Swab the cloth over the sandals to thoroughly clean them, inside and out.

The result will be a restored appearance of the sandals like new ones. The saddle paste will also act as a conditioner for leather sandals.

Try Dry Cleaning Liquids for Leather

Other than paste, there are special leather cleaning liquids that you can buy. These dry-cleaning formulas can extract heavy soils, dirt, and stains with the correct application. Just follow the instructions for each kind of product and brand to achieve the right result.

Using these products for cleaning sandals also eliminates odor and scratches. Your leather is assured to last longer.

Bring Back the Beauty of Your Sandals

You can now pick your best options to wash sandals. Going through these guidelines on how to wash sandals can restore their look and usefulness.

You are just a few steps away.

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