How to Start Your Own Pest Control Company

Do you have an excellent reputation for providing great pest control service for your current company? If so, it may be time to set out on your own.

You can make a big name for yourself and build a great business by getting started in pest control. However, it won’t be easy to do. There are currently over 28,000 pest control companies in the United States, so you have a lot of competition.

You need to have a company strategy if you want to start a new pest control company. Keep reading to learn the steps you need to take when you form a company.

Build a Business Plan

Creating a company plan is one thing you can’t skip when starting any business. A business plan will help you create measurable goals that help you plan for the future.

Use your business plan to determine your target customers, type of services, and anything else relevant to the pest control business. You’ll use this information to help make future decisions and adapt to problems in the future.

Establish Your Business

You’re ready to start your business after creating a plan, but you can’t do so on a whim. You need to register your business with the government to get started.

There isn’t much to forming a company, but the steps vary by state. Check your local rules to see what forms you need to fill out to create a new corporate business.

Finance Your Business

Getting funding for your new business is the next step to starting your business. This isn’t a problem if you have the funds to do this yourself. However, you’ll need financing if you can’t finance everything yourself.

The most common path people take for this is a traditional lender. Contact your local banks to see what terms they offer. If you want to bring on a partner to finance your operation, reach out to investors in your area looking to help start new businesses.

Buy Equipment and Software

You’ll need some equipment and software to run a great pest control company. To start, you’ll need to purchase pest removal equipment and products to handle the jobs.

While you don’t need to invest in pest control business software, it’s worth trying. You can automate many business tasks and streamline other parts of your operation. It will help you do more in less time, which means you can focus on more critical work in your business.

Start Marketing

It’s time to start getting your first customers after buying your equipment and software. At a bare minimum, set up a website for your company. You can use it to apply for Google My Business and get a listing on the map results.

From there, you can try SEO, paid ads, and social media marketing. Each method has pros and cons, so investigate each one to find the best option for your company.

Now You Have a Pest Control Company Strategy

It takes a lot of work to create a new company and do it correctly. With how competitive the pest control industry is, you can’t just decide to start working one day and expect success.

If you don’t have a company strategy, you won’t have guidance that will help you get customers. Use the short guide above to create a plan that leads to pest control success.

Head back to the blog for more planning tips that will help you launch your new business.


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