How to Boost the Customer Experience With Digital Displays

Did you know that the digital display market is expected to grow by more than seven percent over the next several years? Digital displays are an effective and popular way to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

But how can you use digital signage to engage your customers? Keep on reading and we’ll take you through everything you need to know about digital displays!

Shop Window

One of the strongest opportunities for using digital displays is to put them up in store windows. Text and images printed on a board just don’t have that much appeal. But if you include videos and animation then you’re much more likely to attract someone’s attention.

While a poster can show a model with your product or service, a video can actually show them using it. This takes the customer’s mind to a deeper place where they can more easily imagine themselves using what your store has to offer.

You can use videos of models and even real people using your products in action. With this, you’ll be able to quickly inform and even entertain your customers.

You can easily schedule, change, and update digital displays. This means that the content you show will always be relevant and never out of date. You can even update the content on the screen to match the season, time of day, or day of the week.

By understanding your metrics, you can even have your displays promote products that sell better in the morning and then later promote products that sell better in the afternoon. It would be too much hassle to do something like this with physical signs and boards.

When your store closes, you can display content revealing your opening hours and other useful information.

And if an unexpected change comes up, you can quickly adjust your digital signs to convey this new information while making sure everything still looks professional.

On the Shop Floor

You can better assist your customers by placing digital displays among the products that they want to purchase. Customers tend to make their purchasing decisions while they’re actually being faced with the product.

Digital signs located at the last minute are going to be very effective in pushing your customers over the edge and converting them.

The content on your displays can include promotions and product comparisons. You can also utilize cross-selling and up-selling by promoting adjacent products and offering recommendations. Think of what sites like Amazon do but in person.

Large video walls are extremely effective at reinforcing your brand’s image and creating an ambiance for the store. Apple is a company that’s great at this and they often have wall-sized screens in the stores advertising their products.

You can use high-quality videos and images of entertainment and lifestyle clips to help your brand connect with customers and shape your image.

Another great idea is to have a live feed of social media content that uses your company’s hashtags. This is powerful for two reasons.

First, your customers in the store will see these posts and be encouraged to buy your products. Second, people who have bought your products will be encouraged to share and post about them because they’ll know that they’ll get to be up on the video wall.

It’s also worth pointing out that customers tend to have a difficult time finding their way around a store. Digital displays, especially interactive digital displays, can help point your customers in the right direction and give them a sense of what’s where.

In fact, this BrightSign partner can help stores achieve fully interactive experiences.

You can also use the signs to guide customers to the areas that you want them to check out.

Lines and Checkouts

While putting digital displays next to your lines won’t actually reduce the amount of time your customer waits in line, it can very well reduce their perceived waiting time. A customer who is in a rush might end up leaving the store without buying anything if they feel that they’ve been waiting in line for too long.

By displaying videos and catchy displays while they wait, your customers will start to actually enjoy waiting in line. Many gas stations have used this technique to great effect while people pump their gas.

While people wait in line, you can show them local news, the weather, ads, and helpful information. You can also use the digital signs to encourage your customers to come back or check out your digital store.

If you own a grocery store, you can use this chance to show cooking tutorials. A clothing store in the summer can show videos of different summer activities. And a craft store can show simple projects that can be made with the goods in the store.

Just because your customer is waiting in line to check out doesn’t mean that your relationship with them is over. Instead, this is a great opportunity to encourage them to come back and become regular shoppers.

Use Digital Displays to Boost the Customer Experience Today!

These days, it’s incredibly hard to capture a person’s attention. You’re competing with cell phones, computers, tablets, and much more. Digital displays can be powerful tools that allow you to connect with your customer base while increasing your conversion rate.

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