How to Improve Local SEO Rankings: The Complete Guide for Businesses

Did you know that 30% of all Google searches are related to location? This statistic highlights how vital local SEO is in a world where online searches continue to increase.

Therefore, knowing how to improve local SEO rankings is a crucial factor for reaching nearby customers and convincing them to shop with your store. Of course, competition for the highest positions in the local search engine rankings is fierce, and your success will depend on using the right local SEO strategy.

Let’s take a look at how your business can climb the local search engine rankings.

Include Local Keywords on Your Pages

SEO and keywords are inseparable, and you should research which phrases consumers enter into search engines when they are looking for products and services related to your industry.

When you know these keywords, you can then combine them with local elements such as your geographical location. Just be careful not to keyword stuff, as this could lead to your website sliding further down the organic rankings.

Improve Local SEO Rankings With Backlinks

Backlinks are great for local SEO, but only if they are the right type. Try to get links from reputable sites and always use suitable anchor text. By having a solid backlink strategy you can build up a collection of useful connections from websites that already rank well on the search results pages.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of backlinks and anchor text ratios, you can read this blog by The HOTH.

Create a Google Business Profile

One of the simplest tips for marketing businesses online is to list your company on local directories. The biggest of these is Google Business, and it’s easy to create a profile on its site.

It’s worthwhile to add details such as your company’s name, address, and opening hours. You should also post photos and ask customers to leave reviews. Keep optimizing your profile and you could see a significant increase in local traffic to your website.

Optimize for Mobile Searches

You probably have a fantastic business website design, and there’s no doubt this can improve your local SEO. But your site needs to look impressive on mobile devices as well as on laptops and larger computers.

If you’re wondering why this is important, consider the example of a customer shopping in a local store that doesn’t stock the items they need. In this scenario, it’s likely the person will take out their mobile phone and search for another store. If your site is optimized for mobile, it could display on the first results page.

The customer can then get directions from your page and arrive at your store in minutes. This is an excellent way to draw in people who are shopping in your locality.

Drive More Local Online Traffic to Your Website

Being able to reach out to customers in your neighborhood and bring them to your website is a powerful marketing ability. This is why it’s best practice to use just the right amount of keywords on your pages, strive to get high authority backlinks, and have an intuitive, mobile-optimized site.

Having a Google Business profile can also help you improve local SEO rankings and get ahead of your rivals in the search engine results.

Before you implement these local SEO tips, read more helpful blog posts on our site.


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