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A consulting firm is a company made up of industry specialists who provide professional advice, direction, and actionable solutions to organizations with problems they can’t solve on their own. Every business will have issues, and consulting firms, such as Double Iron Consulting, are hired to help address them. Organizations are complex things, and an outside eye can sometimes provide superior insights than someone who works for the company Bill Smith of Double Iron Consulting is helping family businesses.

What does a consultant’s goal entail? 

A consultant, like Bill Smith, who was the former CEO and president of Royal Cup Coffee, provides firms with specific expertise in a particular area of concern to unearth actionable insights. A consultant’s success is determined by how effective their advice is in terms of revenue, cost savings, additional leads, or any other outcome resulting from their involvement. Leveraging on the expertise, assistance, support, suggestions, and knowledge of outsourced, professional advisers can help your organization scale, decrease overhead, enhance profit margins, and become more productive and efficient in a globalized system of businesses. 

The benefits of consultancy can be realized by integrating and optimizing operations and strategic projects in new ways and deploying new solutions to address frequent and rare business pain points. Consultants work in practically every niche, specialty, market, locale, and industry. For instance, Bill Smith of Double Iron Consulting is helping family businesses with succession planning to ensure the smooth continuity of these businesses across generations. Bill Smith himself, having started in the family business, Royal Cup Coffee.

Types of consulting firms

Consultancy does not have to be limited to technical or corporate assistance. It can also include a consultancy firm like Double Iron Consulting, assisting a business with particular tasks, such as merging the infrastructures of two companies or assisting with marketing and sales pipeline optimization. Here are major niches of consulting today:

Strategy consulting

Strategy consulting is among the most prominent types of business consulting. In strategy consulting, a consultant, such as Bill Smith of Double Iron Consulting, acts as an adviser to a corporation by guiding it in developing and implementing a long-term roadmap or strategic plan. Essentially, strategy consultants support a company by establishing its long-term vision/goals and ensuring that those goals are achievable, profitable, and give the business a competitive advantage.

Business consulting

Business consulting is a type of corporate consulting in which a professional, usually one with a lot of business expertise like Bill Smith of Double Iron Consulting, helps with internal workflow and the company’s inner workings as a whole. A business consultant can work in areas such as organizational hierarchy and structure, streamlining workflows, fixing the work environment, and so much more.

Financial consulting

Financial consulting firms such as Double Iron Consulting partner with a company to assist in aligning its financial goals with short-term tactical goals and long-term strategic goals. Financial consultants help determine the feasibility of company projects, investments, and customer acquisition costs. The main objective of a financial consultant is to help a company reduce costs and increase profit margins.

IT consulting

IT consulting firms assist businesses to better deploy the technology. IT consultants help organizations change or upgrade their IT systems and optimize existing systems. Cybersecurity has become a concern for most businesses, and these consultants can help create robust security systems.

Other types of consulting firms today include sales and marketing consulting firms, leadership development, succession planning, brand consulting, and PR consulting. There are also industry-related consulting such as healthcare, engineering, and legal consulting.

What makes a business consulting firm great?

Great consulting firms, such as Bill Smith, who founded Double Iron Consulting, have several characteristics in common. These include:

Demonstrable depth of experience:

A great consulting firm comprises consultants whose depth of experience is beyond reproach. The consultant’s experience and credibility surface naturally, giving the client the confidence to move forward.

Client-first approach:

Great firms such as Double Iron consulting play a supporting role in their client’s businesses. They keep the clients’ needs at the top of their minds in everything they do.

Problem solver:

This is why consulting firms exist; to solve problems. Like Double Iron Consulting, outstanding consulting firms have an innate ability to collect and analyze business data to reveal critical insights that can help their clients achieve great results.


Great consulting firms are geared towards meeting or even surpassing their client’s expectations. These firms do all it takes to meet client objectives. Being reliable also means constantly communicating and updating the client on the progress, including unforeseen hindrances that may derail their work.


Great consulting firms such as Double iron Consulting recognize the importance of professionalism. They understand the essence of maintaining professionalism and relating to their client’s needs. Consultants require technical knowledge of the industry to craft workable solutions. They also require people skills to sustain rapport with their clients.

Ethical: By their job descriptions, consultants sometimes lay their hands on extremely sensitive company information. They require handling this information carefully and avoiding sharing it with unauthorized persons, even within the client’s organization.

About Double Iron Consulting

Double Iron Consulting is a consulting firm founded by Bill Smith in 2021. Before that, Bill Smith was heavily involved in running the family business, Royal Cup Coffee. 

At Royal Cup Coffee, Bill Smith acquired first-hand skills of how to (and not to) run a business. Bill was involved in operations, supply chain, sales, and coffee roasting. He was everywhere. 

In 2014, he took the helm of Royal Cup Coffee and changed the business through large-scale infrastructure and rebranding. At Double Iron consulting, Bill Smith is enthusiastic about helping small businesses and family-owned enterprises scale and achieve their objectives.

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