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The depositing and withdrawal method are some of the factors that players consider while choosing an online casino to play at. E-wallet is one of the payment options that many players find convenient to use, especially those that don’t want the direct bank transfer option. E-wallets are accepted as a form of payment by a large number of Malaysian online casinos.

In today’s article, we have compiled a list of the top online casinos play168 that use e-wallets as one or their sole payment method. You can choose any of these casinos if e-wallet is the payment mode you are conformable using. But before we get into the list, I will share a few details about e-wallets to ensure we are all at per regarding this mode of payment and how it works.

What is an e-wallet?

An e-wallet, also known as a digital wallet, refers to an application or online service that allows one to make payments to retailers, an online service, or transfer money to another user using a specific digital currency. Some of the most popular e-wallet platforms we all know about include PayPal, ApplePay, AliPay, GooglePay, Stripe, Skrill, Help2Pay, and many more.

These platforms allow their users to make payments for online products and services and earn by deducting a very small fee, usually a negligible percentage of the total amount involved in the transaction. They also eliminate many third parties in between, which eventually leads to small fees and faster money transfers on the Internet.

Several online casinos in Malaysia use e-wallet as one of their payment methods, thanks to the many benefits this method has over the other available alternative. The different payment options available include direct bank transfer, crypto, etc. Users can choose any of these options depending on which they have access to and find more convenient; many always choose e-wallet.

Benefits of using an e-wallet

Safe payment: One of the reasons why the likes of PayPal and Stripe have become multibillion-dollar companies is because of the safety they give users while making online payments. These platforms ensure that all payments made are accurately transferred to the rightful users. They also provide security and privacy to user accounts through measures like multi-factor authentication. Popular payment platforms have also added biometric verification options such as Face ID and Touch ID to beef up their security. 

User protection: Before a platform like PayPal or Help2Pay partners with an online service such as casinos, they always do background checks to ensure these platforms are legitimate and not scams. Most of these reputable e-wallets do not deal with online scams because it would also affect their reputation amongst their customers. So, if you choose to use an e-wallet, one of the things you will be sure of is that they did the background check to ensure you are not dealing with a scam.

Lower transaction fees: One of the challenges that gamblers face with most payment options are the high fees they have to pay while depositing and withdrawing money from their wallets. This problem is usually met by those who want to access online casinos outside their native country or region. With e-wallets, these fees are relatively lower than the other alternatives, including direct bank transfers.

Fast and convenient: One of the main reasons many online casino players choose e-wallet over the other options is the convenience and speed of processing transactions. Nobody likes to sit around and wait for their deposits to go through for hours on end before they can get to the games. With e-wallets, this problem is sorted because transactions are super fast. Most of these e-wallets also have mobile applications, which makes it very convenient to make payments on the go.

How to get started with e-wallets

To use any of the e-wallet options available at a given online casino, you have to;

• First, create an account with the wallet platform. Of course, creating an account is pretty simple and should take a few minutes.

• Depositing funds into your e-wallet is the next step after setting up an account. Using your credit card information, you may make a credit card deposit into your e-wallet. Please note, the funds deposited in your wallet will not be deducted by the online casino. So, you can choose to use it for other payments besides depositing to online casinos.

• Transfer the money to your casino wallet: Once you have the money on your e-wallet, you can now transfer a given amount to your online casino’s wallet. We recommend transferring only the money you intend to use for that betting session. Anything beyond that could lead to overspending, which in the end, ruins the overall casino experience.

• Get started playing: Once the money is on your casino wallet, you can now place bets and get started playing. The betting amount you choose for each game is deducted from the money on your casino wallet and not the e-wallet.

• Withdraw once you win. Most of the e-wallets also support withdrawing funds from a given online service. So, if you happen to win while playing any online casino game, you will have the option of removing your payouts through the wallet. Just transfer the money from your casino account to your e-wallet and you’re done. This process usually takes a few minutes.

Let me share some of the most popular e-wallets in Malaysia and examples of online casinos that use them.

1.       PayPal

PayPal is the world’s most widely used and largest e-wallet. It currently has over 361 million users in the world. PayPal has also been around for over 20 years, so people trust it more than the other payment options available. It is no secret that the most trusted online casinos in Malaysia also use PayPal as one of their e-wallet options.

An online casino with PayPal as a payment option is usually legitimate because PayPal does many background checks to ensure the services they work with are not scams. They also hold some money from these services that can be refunded to customers if they raise a genuine complaint about being manipulated or underwhelmed by the service or product they paid for.

Some of the online casinos in Malaysia that use PayPal include

• 888 Casino,

• Betfair

• casino.com

2. Skrill

Several Malaysian online casino websites accept this as a means of payment, making it the most common in the country. PayPal is very safe and convenient; the only problem is that it is not supported on several online casinos in Malaysia. On the other hand, Skrill is supported by many online casinos.

In addition to online casino purchases, you may utilize Skrill for a variety of other purposes. So, when you deposit your money on your Skrill account, you can make payments for whatever product or service you would like to purchase online.

You may fund your Skrill account in two ways: directly from your bank account or with a credit card. Some of the online casino websites that use Skrill as one of the payment methods include the following;

• Bovada

• Slots. lv

• VipSlots Casino

• Casumo

• Slotty Vegas

• SlotsUK

• Casino.com

• Dream Vegas

• LeoVegas

3. Neteller

Neteller is a well-established e-wallet that has been around for quite some time. It was founded in 1999 in Canada during the early days of the internet. It is not as popular as Skrill and PayPal but is also an e-wallet option that you will find at several online casinos in Malaysia. You can deposit money to your Neteller Wallet using your credit card, debit card, direct bank transfer.

Some of the online casinos that use Neteller include the following;

• LeoVegas

• JackpotCity

• WinStar

4. Help2pay

This e-wallet platform is based in the Philippines, and several online casinos in Malaysia support it. One of the reasons Help2Pay will be the choice for most people in Malaysia is that it allows users to make deposits and withdraw money from their casino wallets with ease. Since it is based in an Asian country, this platform has a good understanding of the Asia markets and their dynamics.

Like the rest of the wallets we have just shared, Help2Pay also allows adding funds through your credit card, debit card, or direct bank transfer. This payment platform is used by some of the most renowned online casinos, such as;


• Mega888

• M88

• W88

• King 79

Final thoughts

As we have seen above, there are several e-wallet options to choose from based on the online casino you choose to play at. However, your choice will mainly be based on the fees they charge and whether they are supported in your location.

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