Can A Lawyer Help Me Decrease My Child Support Payments?

Being a co-parent, you will be required to provide child support for your kid. It might be voluntary, or your child’s custodial parent might ask for it. But what if you suddenly have a financial constraint and cannot pay a hefty child support? Can you get your child support payments decreased just for the time being? More importantly, can a lawyer help you do so? 

The answer is yes! A child support lawyer can indeed help you decrease your child support payments. How? Well, read on as we discuss what your child support lawyer will do and how they will help to decrease these payments. Let’s get started.

What Will The Child Support Lawyer Do? 

A child support attorney is a family law attorney who works with child-related issues like child support, visitations, and custody. Here are some of the services offered by child support lawyers –

  • They can help you during hearings in court during custody proceedings. 
  • They can help you file a modification request.
  • They can work with you to get custody of your child. 
  • They can help gather evidence on your behalf. 
  • They can help you negotiate and calculate the amount of child support to be given.
  • They can help you reduce your child support payments.

Now let’s discuss how they can help decrease your child support payments. 

How Will The Child Support Lawyer Decrease Your Child Support Payments

Most states have different rules about supporting documents to be submitted, but generally, you will be needed to provide evidence that there has been some substantial change in your life.

This substantial change refers to any major problem that is occurring in your life, like significant deterioration in health, change in living arrangements, change in income, or something else. 

However, these situations have to be compelling. For example, if you have been forced to leave work due to any medical problems, your case will be considered. On the other hand, if you voluntarily quit your job to avoid paying for child support, your case won’t be considered.

While it might seem very confusing, don’t worry, your child support lawyer will walk you through the entire process. They will file a petition in the court on your behalf. They will also build a compelling case in your favor, help you provide just the right documents in court, and guide you through the entire process. All this will ensure that you have a foolproof case in your hands. Thus, the whole process of getting approval will be made easier and quicker with the help of a child support lawyer.


Thus, you can see that a child support lawyer can help you out in a troublesome financial situation and decrease your child support payments. If you are looking for a reliable child support attorney, you can check out our website. We offer the services of the best child support attorneys in the state – they have worked on several cases and can help you out too! So, check out our website and book an appointment today! 

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