Artist Create Intricate Paper Art To Kill Boredom

  • What inspires you to create these amazing art work?

I am mostly inspired by other people’s work. I follow many artists online, and am amazed every day how many different styles and stories there are. Lately I have been inspired by animal photography, and self portraits by Vivian Maier and Lene Marie Fossen. I also get my ideas from books and movies, and sometimes friends ask if I could cut out their pet or ask me to make something else, and I often do if it’s not above my skill level.

  • What are the future Plans?

I don’t have any future plans. I’m just really happy I made something beautiful out of a horrible year. This is a hobby, so I’ll keep going as long as it’s fun. That might be a week or the rest of my life. All my works are A4 or smaller, but I’ve been thinking about making bigger ones. I’d also like to try different kinds of paper.

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