Artist Create Intricate Paper Art To Kill Boredom

My name is Veeti Nevalainen. I live in Finland. I am 32 years old. My works are paper cuttings made with bristol paper and utility knife. We have reached him to know more about his inspiration. Here what he had to say.

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  • How did you find your style?

I started to cut paper october 2020. I needed a project for winter – in Finland we have long, dark winter – because I knew I would get depressed sitting alone in my apartment, not being able to meet people because of covid-19. The project had to be something that I could spend hours every day, can’t be too expensive or take much space. I started to google all kinds of art and crafts, and I saw some nice paper cutting art, and thought that I had everything I needed for that: paper, utility knife and cutting board. I didn’t really think about making art or anything, I just wanted to keep myself busy.

So I cut my first picture listening to audiobook, and it was fun so I kept going. I had never made any paper art before, but I like drawing, and for me paper cutting is pretty much drawing with a knife, drawing with empty space.

At first I posted these on my own Facebook page, but my friends kept asking me if it’s ok to show them for their friends and so on, so I made this page so no-one had to ask anymore.

  • How do you come up with new ideas? Do you have a process?

At first I cut mainly my own versions of famous paintings (such as Alphonse Muchas Cycles Perfecta) and fairy tale illustrations (such as Walter Cranes Beauty and the Beast). Then I started to cut my versions of photographs. I often take a few photos, combine them, edit into black and white, then draw them on paper and finally cut out. It takes about 5-10 hours to cut a picture. I wish I could draw these from the beginning, but I’m not talented enough, so I have to rely on other peoples work. Sometimes I wonder how much I can call these my work, when I pretty much copy other people’s work.

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  • Has your style changed since you started?

I’m not really sure if I have found my style yet, or if it has developed: I have been doing this for less than half a year, so changes in my style are basically changes in my skill level.

  • Most Challenging Aspect that comes through your work?
Paper Art

Most challenging is making the picture work with black and white, paper and emptiness. If you look at for example black and white photography there’s shades of gray that give the picture it’s depth. With paper cuttings I don’t have just two colors but only two shades, so they look easily flat.

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