9 Video Editing Tips You Should Be Familiar With

If you’re looking to create online videos, but don’t have the time or experience with professional editing software, an online video editor can help you out. These handy programs offer powerful tools and features.  A quick Google search can prompt you to view more of these handy tools. 

An online video editor makes even the most complicated video editing tasks quick and easy. This blog details 10 of the top video editing tips you should be familiar with when using a video editor.

Video Editing Tips

Will These Online Video Editor Tips Help Your Content?

If you’re looking to become a DIY (do-it-yourself) video maker, an online video editor might be a great way to start, as it’s extremely helpful and easy to use. Here are ten top video editing tips you should familiarize yourself with before diving in.

1.    Understand Your Audience

One of the most important things you can do to edit your video effectively is to understand your audience. You should ask yourself: What kind of video are you making? Who’s going to be watching it? What do they expect from you? What will engage them, and what won’t? These questions all have one thing in common: They rely on a strong understanding of who your audience is.

2.    Planning is Important

Preparation is key to creating a great video. From knowing how you want your video to be presented to understanding your audience, planning will save you valuable time and keep your project running smoothly from start to finish.

3.    Prepare a Suitable Budget

As much as you might want to, it’s impossible to shoot and edit videos on a whim. Before you begin filming, be sure to set aside some time to plan. Will you be interviewing experts in your field? Or will you be creating your own video tutorial? How long will each segment be? Knowing all of these details before you begin can make your project run more smoothly.

4.    Research Other Videos on Similar Topics

Before you begin creating your content, it’s always helpful to do some research. Find out what others have created on similar topics and make note of which ideas are unique and which aren’t. This process is known as competitive analysis and can help ensure that your next video doesn’t rehash previous content. When in doubt, go with your gut!

5.    Make Sure to Have an Organized Shooting Schedule

The most important step in video creation is, of course, shooting your footage. If you don’t have a good video camera yet, head over to B&H Photo or Amazon to buy one today. If you already have a video camera that will do, make sure it’s properly formatted with extra memory cards and fully charged batteries.

6.    Keep Focus

When you start editing your video, it’s easy to get distracted by all of your different options. Do yourself a favor and stick to your script. Not only will it save you time in post-production, but it will make writing your script for future videos much easier as well.

7.    Organize the Footage

If you’re editing a video with a lot of people, keep all shots of a single person in their own track. This can help if you need to make edits later because you won’t have to worry about mixing up shots of two different people. It also prevents sound from bleeding over from one shot to another and creating an unprofessional-looking final product. Try using iMovie or Adobe Premiere for these types of edits.

8.    Isolate Each Shot of Dialogue

Because of noise and bad audio, most amateur videos have poor sound quality. To solve that issue, you need to isolate each shot of dialogue. This is one of those basic video editing tips when making a video. If there’s a lot of background noise, remove it or lower it as much as possible in your editing program.

9.    Use Titles Effectively

The title is probably one of, if not the most important parts of your video. It should clearly and concisely sum up what your video is about and also entice viewers to click on it. Try to include keywords that relate to your subject matter in order to maximize views when people search for those particular words or phrases.

Final Thoughts

An online video editor may be more than enough if you’re just starting out with video editing. But if you plan on creating and publishing a large number of videos, investing in editing software might be necessary. Getting a top-quality video editor that can help you improve your videos should be at least somewhat high on your list of priorities.

In any case, even if it doesn’t end up saving you money, having access to a reliable video editor will almost certainly allow you to get more out of all those hours you spend shooting great footage and much more quickly. Good luck!

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