5 Tips To Select A Perfect Bed For Your Cat

We love our cats – lots. Many of us even become addicted to our feline friends, who we frequently discover laid out across our sofas, beds, tables, and any other place they can find and fit. After all, if I fit, I sit.

As much as sharing our space and cuddling up with our cats for comfort and love as we know pet cuddles can be incredibly soothing and can help ease anxieties and stress, sometimes it is good to ensure your pet has their very own space, not just for their benefit but for yours too. 

Benefits of a kitty bed

  • Cat beds provide a designated sleeping spot for your furry friend. Unless you are nocturnal or enjoy zooming around the room in the middle of the night with your feline companion – having a designated spot for your cat to sleep will help you have a better, undisrupted sleep. 
  • Less fur. If your cat is very furry, malting often, you will find that providing a spot to sleep rather than on your bed will cause less fur all over your covers – this can reduce allergies, and if allergies aren’t a problem – at least you won’t be cleaning cat fur off your bed every day. Persian Cats usually have less fur. if you have Persian cat, they are very beautiful in nature, if not, buy a new one. Persian cat price in India is not too much, you can easily afford it.
  • Remember, cats are very independent so, they might not necessarily sleep in their new comfy digs every night. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t like it, just that they’re not overly fussed about having a regular sleeping spot. Think of them as more spontaneous creatures who will nestle into their bed some nights and pick an empty shoebox another night. 

Let’s cover our 5 top tips to ensure that you select the right cat bed for your precious kitty. After all, they deserve a good night sleep as much as you do! 

Pick a style

Cat beds aren’t one size fits all, and they come in an abundance of styles to fit all personality types – sprawlers, smugglers, and sleepers – there’s an array of options to suit each pet and make sure they are as comfy as possible. Consider their personality type and their current favorite sleeping spots to help you decipher what style of bed they would prefer. 

If your cat likes to spread out all long and stretchy, then a pillow bed would be most fitting for them. Maybe your feline friend prefers to curl up in a ball often under something, like tables – then a bed with a high back and a bit of cover could be the perfect secure sleeping nook. 

Pick the size

This one might sound like a no-brainer but, the size of your cat’s bed is important. Perhaps you have a large breed of cat like a Maine Coon, they’re probably going to need a slightly bigger, compared to a smaller breed. 

Your kitty should be able to stretch out in their new bed fully and not have their front and legs hanging over all the edges. If you arent sure about the size of the bed compared to your pet, it is always best to opt for the slightly bigger option, so you know your pet will be nice and comfy. 

Consider the age of your cat   

If your cat is young and then it will be quite capable of sleeping in most bed options. If your cat is a little older, they will need an easy-to-access bed – perhaps no high edges to climb over. 

You could even consider an orthopedic bed for elderly cats, as this can provide them with the ultimate level of comfort and support in their elder years.

Consider your cat’s personality

Some cats may be more inclined to scratch, chew and play with their beds than others. Consider this and buy a more durable material if your cat has an enjoyment for chewing and nibbling! After all, you don’t want to buy a bed only to find it chewed up and broken just days later! 

Perhaps you have a nervous cat, then buying them an enclosed bed can help them feel safe, secure and ease any anxieties they may have. 

Cleaning processes

Unless you want to be hand washing, freshening up, and faffing with your cat bed multiple times a week, make sure you buy a cat bed that is easy to maintain and clean. 

Smaller beds are easier to chuck in the washing machine and freshen up instantly. Whereas slightly larger beds may take a little more maintenance and upkeep. 

You can also purchase cat beds with zip-off covers, which are much easier to whip off and machine wash than fighting with the whole bed every time! 

There you have our top 5 tips to help you decide, find and secure the best cat bed for your feline friend. They deserve to sleep peacefully, as they dream about catching mice and prepare for another busy day of napping and sunshine spot seeking!

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