7 Benefits of Keto Eating

With everyone and their brother out there on the Internet claiming they have the next wonder diet guaranteed to help you shed 50 pounds in a matter of days, it’s no wonder that it’s become so hard to find a diet that works as intended. Well, we’ve sorted through all the muck to bring you the keto diet: a diet that prioritizes fat and protein above carbs.

Yes, you heard that right. High fat. So how does this diet help you out?

Well, we’re glad you asked. It’s time to take a look at the top 7 benefits of keto eating! So without further ado, let’s dig in!

1. Keto Eating Accelerates Weight Loss

One of the main reasons people start on the keto diet is that a lack of carbs forces the body to undergo ketosis. When in this state, your body favors pulling energy from fat over sugar in your body (your body’s usual favorite energy source). As a result, your fat stores will decrease, lowering your weight in the process.

Ketosis also reduces your appetite, which helps prevent you from overeating and gaining weight back.

2. Helps Your Heart

In reducing your fat levels, a keto diet will also help keep your heart healthier by freeing it from the pressure placed on it by high fat. The diet also helps reduce your cholesterol levels, keeping blood flowing to and from your heart without obstruction.

3. Boosted Energy

Another perk of the keto diet is that your energy levels will rise. This is because your nutrient intake is more consistent during ketosis than normal glucose consumption. This means you’ll maintain more energy for longer periods.

4. Helps Your Skin

Tired of zits popping up all over your face? Well, by regulating blood sugar levels, keto diets can help clear up your skin and reduce your chance of getting pimples.

5. Can Assist with Epileptic Seizures

A surprising benefit of the keto diet is that it can help patients who experience seizures reduce their chances of one coming on. With recorded use dating back thousands of years, recent studies have also shown a link between a keto diet and fewer seizures.

6. Helps Ward Off Diabetes

The keto diet can also help those with diabetes control their insulin levels. After all, the diet will pull excess insulin away to use as fuel (since glucose production is diminished).

7. Lowered Blood Pressure

Finally, a keto diet will help alleviate your blood pressure to the low amount of carbs you eat on the diet. This is because a high amount of carbs can lead to an oversaturation of blood sugar, which in turn leads to hypertension (when your blood pressure hits 140/90).

You can check out this article if you need an idea of what snacks to eat to avoid a high carbohydrate count.

On the Road to Better Health

And there you have it! Now that you have this guide on the top 7 benefits of keto eating, you’re ready to consult with a dietician and get started on this diet today! And if you need more tips for eating right and staying healthy, make sure to check out the other posts on our website!


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