5 Common Humidifier Installation Mistakes to Avoid for New Users

Air pollution leads to approximately 7 million deaths each year. In many cases, the quality of indoor air is worse than the quality of outdoor air.

As a result, some homeowners install devices in their homes to improve indoor air quality. You can choose from several options, and one is a whole home humidifier.

However, you’ll need to install it properly if you decide to get one. After all, many homeowners make some common humidifier installation mistakes.

To install it correctly, it might be helpful to learn about five common mistakes people make when installing their humidifiers. Keep reading to learn more about these mistakes.

1. Choosing the Wrong Size

One of the most common humidifier issues occurs from choosing the wrong size. The humidifier you install must be big enough for your entire home but not too big.

So, how do you choose the right size? The best way is by speaking with a contractor about it. You can tell them how big your house is and the goals you’re looking for with the device. 

2. Picking the Wrong Type

Secondly, you should avoid picking the wrong type of system. The humidifier installation process is vital, but choosing the right system is also essential. 

A contractor can assist with this by reviewing your goals, analyzing your home, and testing your water quality. The contractor must also look at your HVAC system to see what type it is. 

The right system will provide the results you want, so choosing the right type is critical. 

3. Failing to Use a Humidistat

When you hire a company for humidifier installation service, they might suggest installing a humidistat. A humidistat is a device that regulates and tracks the humidity level in your home.

Most humidifiers come with a humidistat. However, installing a second one can help you have more control over the humidity level in your house.

Your indoor air quality will be better if you keep the correct humidity level. 

4. Poor Placement 

The next mistake involves the placement for humidifiers. Again, you could face issues if you install the device in the wrong place.

You might want to talk to your contractor about how humidifiers work to learn the importance of proper placement. A contractor might need to visit your home to recommend the correct placement. 

5. Installing It Yourself 

Finally, some homeowners install humidifiers themselves, but this is a mistake you should avoid. After all, you’ll get better results if you hire a contractor to install your whole house humidifier.

A contractor helps you choose the right type and size. They’ll also ensure that they install it properly.

Proper installation helps the system work better and avoids issues like improper water drainage. However, you’ll need to install it properly if you decide to get one. After all, many homeowners make some common humidifier installation mistakes.

Avoid These Humidifier Installation Mistakes

Installing a whole home humidifier can help you improve your indoor air quality. However, you’ll want to avoid these humidifier installation mistakes to get the best results.

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