WoW TBC – Making Gold in Outland

To really take in everything that The Burning Crusade has to offer, you are going to need as much gold as you can muster up. But before you go diving into finding somewhere to buy TBC gold, there are a number of ways in which you can make plenty in the game itself.


An effective method of earning WoW TBC gold is by crafting TBC items. There is a wealth of items that you can make yourself to be sold off to make gold. It is an investment on your part that can get quite heavy when earning gold with your profession, as you’re going to need to level it up.

There are a few choices when it comes to crafting. You could go with the likes of Tailoring, or the new Jewelcrafting profession if you want to rack up the TBC Classic gold. However, those can be expensive and time consuming, especially with the latter where cost is concerned. You could always look into gathering professions as well, which are a great alternative for you to consider instead of having to craft the items yourself.

The gathering professions will save you having to make the items, but you will need to find the time to collect the materials you need to make profit. One good option would be to focus on ore. Since there is a new profession in the form of Jewelcrafting, you’re bound to find that a lot of players are looking to buy some. You have to remember that a lot of players simply won’t have the time to gather such materials, so we can take advantage by doing the hard work for them and reaping the benefits.

Second Characters

This is another key option for you to make the most of. Rather than having to WoW TBC accounts and such, you can actually make a second character to build up your gold. The best route to take is to leave your second character by the likes of a bank. That way, you can offload the excess items that you have quickly.

We are looking at making gold in Outland, but you won’t find the Auction House there. With that in mind, you should leave your second character by the Auction House bank in Azeroth. If you are planning to go through the whole Burning Crusade power leveling method with this character, then you’ll benefit even further. Combining its professions with your own could really see you pulling in a lot of gold.

Free Up Bag Space

Whilst we are discussing gathering professions, making the most of your bag space is pivotal. As you start gathering, you’ll soon see that your bag is getting pretty full. Unfortunately, this means we won’t have any room for the items that we will eventually need. Having to take endless trips to the bank or Auction House to free up space will soon become tedious.


As to be expected, you’re going to be consistently picking up loot when playing WoW TBC. Whenever you kill enemies, you will be collecting items. That said, not all of them are of any use. In fact, you might find that the majority of what you find is something that you could choose to sell on for profit instead.

It may not seem like you could make a lot out of grey items, but if you are persistent, you will soon notice the difference. To really make the most of it, be sure to keep an eye on the prices at the Auction House too. Sure, it can seem easier to just sell the stuff that you don’t want as quickly as you can to free up your bag space. But if you are savvy about checking prices at the Auction House, you stand to make a lot of money in the long term. There are going to be players eventually if not already that will want the junk that you want rid of.

Getting TBC gold does take a lot of commitment if you want to afford flying mounts and other desirable acquisitions. When you’re not working through TBC power leveling or finishing off quests, taking some time to rack up some gold will help you out in the long run. It’s something that you can do alongside playing the game in general, though you will need to veer off the track a little bit if you’re to really get rich. You never know, that coveted mount could be mere days away by using these techniques.

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