The Hardest Pets to Get in OSRS

The following pets are going to take a lot of planning and luck to be obtained.

Though they mainly serve cosmetic purposes, it’s still exciting to know that pets are something that we can obtain in Old School Runescape. There are certain companions in the game that are really difficult to get, which we will be discussing here. It’s not just a case of going to buy OSRS gold to pay high prices, as some are reliant on drops and such. So this is what you need to do in order to get the rarest pets in the MMO.

Pets From the God Wars

The passage of time hasn’t really made the bosses from the God Wars that much easier. It stands to reason then that the pets that we obtain from them aren’t going to be an easy acquisition. The pets that you can get have a 1/5000 chance of being part of your inventory.

Perhaps what makes this difficult more than anything doesn’t revolve around the need for OSRS gp, but rather having to defeat 40 followers from the respective domains. This is the process required to get the ecumenical key in the God War’s Dungeon in the Wilderness. You have to do this every time that you attempt to have a go at these bosses if you leave.

Corporeal Critter

Having the Corporeal Critter as your pet is definitely going to be bragging rights for you amongst your peers. This is another pet that has a 1/5000 chance of you obtaining. This is where you might actually want to find OSRS gold for sale, since you’re going to be required to take on one of the toughest bosses that the game can throw at you.

It’s worth trying to bring along some help with you to beat the Corporeal Beast. There are plenty of OSRS items for sale that can aid you in battle, but ultimately it may come down to the numbers game that really gets you over the line. That said, any more than five other players and the beast will then be able to heal, so maybe avoid that. It’s definitely worth pursuing, as the boss can really help you make some serious OSRS gold thanks to the drops that you get from it.


If you haven’t experienced the Inferno yet, then you are in for a rough ride. This area is a true test of any OSRS player, especially when attempting to defeat the mighty TzKal-Zuk. The reward of the Inferno Cape is more than enough motivation for players to attempt the Inferno, but there is a chance of 1/100 that you get the Jal-Nib-Rek pet too. What’s more, there’s an outside chance of 1/1000 of you being able to trade it for the coveted Inferno Cape.


Dogs may be beloved pets, but this one in particular is super hard to get. You are looking at drop rates of 1/1000 from a Master Clue Casket, with master clues being much like the Inferno in that it is one of the most difficult activities that you can do in Old School Runescape.

Having to deal with the likes of hefty skilling requirements, plus having to finish significant quests means you’re really going to need to put the work in. To finish this process, it’s going to cost you a lot of OSRS gold as well so that you can get the OSRS items for sale that you need. When taking all that into consideration, this is one of the rarest finds in the entirety of OSRS.

Pet Penance Queen

Only a keen gambler is likely to have gotten the Pet Penance Queen for themselves. There are high stakes in place for you to be able to get this pet, but the reward is having something that very few others have.

To attempt such a hefty feat, you will have to roll the dice and do a high-stakes gamble within the Barbarian Assault. To do so, you will need to place a bet of 500 honor points, after which you and your party will be required to finish all waves of the assault, including killing the Penance Queen to complete it.

That isn’t all. You may complete it and be successful, which can take around half an hour itself. There is only a chance of 1/1000 that you will get this pet as a drop. It isn’t OSRS gp we need here, but a sheer amount of honor points so that we can keep on attempting this wager. However, should you manage to snag a queen for yourself, you will surely have the grounds to brag more than you would with any other pet in Old School Runescape.

Have you managed to acquire any of these pets? Let us know in the comments section below!

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