5 Best WordPress Instagram Plugins To Add An Instagram Feed

Instagram as a social media platform has grown tremendously, with over 1.074 billion users in 2021. What started as a photo-sharing platform now facilitates the growth of the business and how!

Utilizing Instagram to boost reach, audience interaction, engagement, conversions, brand trust while improving the brand’s image and awareness is becoming the trend. Marketers are constantly looking for ways to create strategies that can help the brand stand out.

One of the ways brands are achieving this is by embedding their Instagram feeds on their WordPress websites.

Keep reading to know more.

WordPress Instagram Plugins

Why Add Instagram Feed To WordPress Website?

When you add Instagram feed on WordPress website, you open doors to new possibilities for your website visitors by giving them something refreshing to engage with.

An Instagram feed helps to build social proof. You get to display user-generated content to gain the trust of your website visitors, enjoy increased conversions and sales, lower bounce rate, and higher dwell time of the visitors.

Moreover, the Instagram feed updates in real-time, which means that every time there is a new post on Instagram, it automatically appears on your website, keeping it fresh and giving something new to the visitors each time they visit.

5 Best WordPress Instagram Plugins

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Instagram Widget is a result-driven plugin that helps users collect feeds from Instagram. They enable users to curate, moderate, and customize the Instagram content as per the requirements into one unified feed.

There are various customization options available on the platform to choose from; fonts, themes, templates, backgrounds, layouts, etc. Taggbox Instagram Widget allows you to display content generated by the user optimally on your WordPress website, helping you drive more engagement, sales, and revenue.

Not only that, but you can also track the performance of your widget through its advanced analytics and improve the content accordingly. Wouldn’t that make it the perfect ROI? Buy Instagram followers

2. Grace: Flow-Flow Instagram Gallery

Flow-Flow Instagram Gallery, Grace, is a multi-purpose and user-friendly Instagram plugin for WordPress that enables users to collect content from Instagram and seamlessly integrate it on the website as captivating galleries and widgets.

Grace is device-friendly and is perfect for users to display a mix of Instagram feeds in beautiful responsive galleries and widgets. It is compatible with various third-party plugins. And also provides several benefits for brands and businesses, improving all key metrics, sales, customers loyalty, etc.

It comes with a social sharing button that helps in giving the perfect socializing experience to the website visitors and helps brands grow their Instagram audience.

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3. Spotlight

Spotlight is a responsive and user-friendly plugin specially designed for Instagram’s visual content that helps users effortlessly display their Instagram content on their WordPress website. You can simply connect your Instagram account and then create endless Instagram feeds, ready to embed on your website.

The plugin has customization options that let users adjust the size, select background colors, layouts, designs, etc. Spotlight also comes with the upgraded Spotilight pro that comes with additional features.

The feature allows users to collect tagged or hashtag posts. It also enables more layout options, moderation of the content, and other promotional features. Best part? The procedure is seamless and is a no-code solution.

4. AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is one of the best Instagram feeds WordPress plugins to easily embed the vibrant Instagram posts on any website. Using this plugin, you can accumulate the Instagram feed from several accounts and display them as per the recent media, user likes, popular images, hashtags, etc.

It comes equipped with 16+ elegantly designed templates to uniquely display the Instagram feed on your WordPress website. The templates hold masonry view, grid view, circular view, and slider view.

Not just that, the plugin comes with a shortcodes generator that can be used to seamlessly add the Instagram feed to your desired locations.

5. Soliloquy

Soliloquy is a WordPress Slider Plugin, perfect to embed your Instagram feed on your website. It is easy, powerful, and user-friendly.

Soliloquy comes with features like a drag & drop builder to easily create the image and video slider.

It is device-friendly as this WordPress slider works with mobiles, tablets, and desktops. It has many in-built templates and a fullscreen lightbox feature to give a vibrant experience to website visitors.

Not just that, Soliloquy also has a feature for ecommerce brands on WooCommerce called the Product Slider, where brands can create interactive product sliders. It is easy to customize and adapts to all your Instagram plugin needs.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

We now reach the end of this blog, and we hope you have a better understanding of Wordpress Instagram plugins and what all benefits embedding them on your website can bring.

Go one, try them out and extract maximum benefits from your Instagram feed beyond social media.

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