Why should you invest in shaker-style cabinets to enhance the functionality of the kitchen?

Kitchen renovation is a viable yet expensive investment. The project is even more viable for those who want to enhance the resale value of their home or show off their home. And something that can amplify the beauty of a kitchen, as well as the entire home, is the cabinetry. As it comes to eye-catchy and classy shaker-style cabinets, the thing you should take care of the most is the cabinet door. This can add up to the overall look and presence of your kitchen. When it’s about kitchen cabinet doors, shaker style is always in vogue. They are beautiful and highly functional.

shaker-style cabinets

A few things about shaker doors

Many sources say that shaker cabinet doors were invented during the 1700s by an England-based religious group namely Shakers. They traveled to the USA and settled in New York. They started making and selling furniture as a means of living. Eventually, their furniture became famous, and the style of cabinets was named after them.

White shaker kitchen cabinets are known for being versatile. So, if you’re confused about the selection of the right cabinet door, these will be the ideal choice for you.

Why should you choose Shaker-style cabinets?

However, what makes shaker-style doors a universal option? Let’s have a quick look at the key benefits of these doors.

  • Eternal look – Traditional kitchen designs demand some timeless styles. There is no dearth of new fashion trends in the market, in terms of a kitchen renovation. Still, some people hook up to classical style and shaker cabinets are one of them. The cabinets are simple to look at. But the doors provide perfect aesthetics through their simple yet straightforward appearance. Nevertheless, the simplicity of these Vintage Cabinets is ideally combined with many details to draw the attention of the viewers while being fully functional.
  • Minimum maintenance – Shaker cabinets are known for their minimalist look. Therefore, they don’t need vigorous, continuous maintenance or cleaning. Extra designs that you see in other types of doors often accumulate greases, dust, and debris. The intricate design is responsible to trap them and spread across the cabinets. This requires the users to clean them regularly which is quite tiresome. But for shaker doors, a quick daily wipe-down is more than enough to retain the polished finish.
  • Color options – You will find plenty of color options in shaker doors. You can choose any paint or laminate as per your preferred color choice to match the overall look of the cabinets. But the good thing is they never ruin or dominate the look of the cabinetry if you have chosen hardcore classy design like high-quality solid wood for the cupboards.
  • Wide availability – Shaker doors have an easy to identify look. They are widely preferred and available in the market. Moreover, you will find different finishes as well. Their special build provides them with a compatible opportunity to be manufactured with high-quality material for intense durability.
  • Pocket-friendly – It’s quite easy to construct and install shaker kitchen cabinets. Moreover, they are highly popular for being available at an affordable cost. In addition, their look is eternal. It’s always in vogue. So, you don’t need to replace them in near future. And this would save you a lot of money.
  • Consistency – Their reasonable price, long-lasting utilitarian appeal, compatibility with different designs, and room for personalization make them a wise renovation investment. They add value to your kitchen as well as the entire house.
  • Quality – Usually these kitchen cabinet options are made from hardwood. Oak, cherry, and pinewood are used to build them. And as you know, hardwood is always enduring in terms of kitchen cabinetry. Birchwood is also used for some parts. Though the wood is less expensive, the quality can also be compromised. So be aware of that.

These are a few of the many benefits of using shaker-style cabinet doors for your kitchen cabinets.


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