Why Has Haier Refrigerator Popularity Increased In The Last Few Years?

Haier has grabbed a good position in the refrigerator market due to its innovative products. At present, Haier is one of the reputed refrigerator brands in India. It has started operating its business in more than 30 Indian cities. However, you can buy a Haier refrigerator from different parts of India. The company manufactures both single-door and double-door fridges. Moreover, you will find side-by-side, French door, and bottom mount refrigerators. But, why do Haier fridges have gained popularity? Find the reasons and make your decision on buying the best fridge.

Haier fridges have multiple modes-

While other refrigerators have 2 to 3 modes, Haier goes beyond your expectations.

  • Normal Mode- It is the default mode that helps in continuing the function of both the freezer and fridge. It also promotes the chilling and refrigeration process. 
  • Veg Mode- It is an additional mode for which the main compartment performs its refrigeration process. 
  • Home Alone Mode- In this mode, the fridge works in a normal way. However, the refrigerator remains switched off. 
  • Vacation Mode- The refrigeration system remains deactivated in this mode. But, the freezer gets converted into fridge mode. It will save your electricity when you are not at home.
  • Summer Mode- On the hot summer days, when the temperature range is very high, your refrigerator may not be able to control the desired cooling effect. That is why the Summer Mode is useful for the Haier refrigerator. The fridge component will work efficiently on the summer days.
  • Freezer Mode- When the refrigeration is off, this mode starts working for the freezer.
  • Surprise Party Mode- It is the upgraded version of the default mode. The fridge compartment continues its normal functions. However, it uses turbo icing technology, when the freezer mode has reached the peak level. For this reason, Surprise Party Mode helps in cooling your drinks and other items within a short time. 
  • Swift Chill Mode- The refrigeration capacity reaches the ultimate level with this model. It ensures faster and better cooling of your foods.

Cooling pads are bigger- Better management of power cuts- 

At any time, you may face power cuts. It is common mostly in rural regions. As your fridge works 24 hours, it may encounter erratic blackouts. Moreover, your food will get spoiled. Haier has solved the problem by adding larger cooling pads. 

The new series of single-door Haier refrigerators will provide you with better refrigeration technology. The cooling pad in these refrigerators has a cooling gel to keep your food frozen for a number of hours. Thus, your ice cream will not easily melt away during the power cuts. The cooling retention capacity is higher due to the bigger pads.

The internal edges of the refrigerator have a diamond edge design. That is why it helps in slowing down the ice melting process.

Haier refrigerators become Luxury Home Bar-

You can buy premium Haier fridges to get this feature. It is better than using a lever to pour chilled water into the glass. There is no need to open the fridge. There is an inline automatic dispenser, which dispenses crushed ice and water. You may also select how much water you need.

Glass doors are of high quality-

The glossy surface of glass door fridges is highly attractive and decorative. You will find it rust-proof, dust-free, and scratch-resistant.

Keep your fridge safe from the child lock mechanism-

The latest haier refrigerator has the Child Lock system. Your toddlers cannot open the door and adjust the settings. Some models also have a Door Alarm. You will easily be able to identify when your kids are opening your fridge.

Find a special My Zone Drawer-

You can find this customizable drawer in the side-by-side fridges. The large drawer, known as My Zone, is present at the bottom. You can set it to different modes. You have to hit the Mode button on the panel. These modes are-

  • Chiller- The temperature of the compartment is zero degrees. You can use it to preserve your fish and meat.
  • D-frost- It defrosts your food and prevents moisture buildup.
  • Q-cool- It is perfect for chilling your drinks and food.

An antifungal gasket is removable-

Although you can find this gasket in other fridges, Haier has not missed this feature. Modern refrigerators from this brand have an airtight structure. It insulates the interior cool air and comprises an anti-bacterial gasket. Your food will be free from bacteria. You may detach the gasket and clean it.

The airtight gasket secures the freshness of your food. The stored food will have no bacterial growth. 

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