Why Do People Prefer to Buy Used iPhone Instead of New One?

For years the belief about the iPhone as a smartphone reflects the status, luxury, and richness of its owner. Do you think the same? Whether you pick the android operating system or iPhone, efficiency and utility are prime aspects to think upon. In fact, in the first quarter of the year 2022. Apple has shipped 1 million make-in-India iPhones, obviously a massive lead. A report by Market Intelligence published in Business Standard said that India had registered 22% growth in the first quarter (Q1) of 2022 by iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 sales.

Here in the blog, let us help you understand why buying second hand iphone is a good decision.

What Exactly Used iPhone Mean in Overall Value?

Never believe the myth that using iPhone is a waste of money. It can be or can’t, depending on the condition of the handset. A used iPhone still has a good value, but you need to understand whether it is a refurbished phone or a used one.

The prime difference is second-hand smartphones will have original components or parts, but refurbished ones might not have. Thus used iPhone price nevertheless has fake importance. They might have low value than new ones but are still high in comparison with refurbished ones in the market.

The common point to notice in refurbished and used smartphones is that they are pre-owned. That means used by someone before you have purchased that. If you want iPhone and it’s out of your budget, why not explore for a Used iPhone. But getting the second-hand iPhone at right price isn’t an easy task. But, now with the availability of valuation tools you can easily check valuation of any used mobile. So, it is recommended to iPhone second hand price check at OBV to make a smarter buying decision.

The Considerable Factors to Know Before Investing in Second Hand iPhone:

Whatever is the case for you to invest in a refurbished or second-hand iPhone, there are certain factors you must know before. The following stated reasons to know are mentioned below;

1. Warranty: That is appropriate to check for the retailer’s warranty no matter if you are buying a refurbished or used iPhone. It is important to give different retailers or sellers the length and terms of the warranty.

2. Budget: If you have decided to check a pre-owned iPhone, the next is to check for the used iPhone price with its model and seller’s comparison. New is expensive, of course, but investing in the refurbished or used smartphone will be less than that, so a budget-friendly option for iPhone lovers.

3. Not To Be Carrier Locked: The idea is to call the phone company before investing and activating it yourself. For this, you need to find the phone’s IMEI or MEID number from the seller. Then call the company to proceed with compatible steps on carrier lock etc.

4. Battery: Good is to buy a used iPhone with reliable battery backup that should not shred in less time. It should be strong and have decent battery life that efficiently keeps the phone on and uses more. The suggestion is to buy an iPhone that is a year old; if not, check if everything is okay with it.

6. Hardware Damage: Unlike other smartphones, iPhone has the same practical wear and tear life. It does get dings and scratches at the sides or back. The prime is to notice scratches on the screen, as it can create problems with Touch ID, Face ID, 3D Touch, biometric sensors, camera lens, etc. These are massive hardware damages you can find with a complete inspection. You also should test its moisture sensor, camera, side buttons, and more.

7. Storage Capacity: For tech-savvy lovers, an iPhone at a low price with good features, condition, and proper storage. The top models of iPhones offer tremendous storage capacity like 512 GB to keep everything safe and handy, like photos, videos, music, applications, etc. GB in gadgets matters a lot, but not in the case when iCloud is being used.

8. Latest Features: The latest generation of iPhone is expensive in both used and new sections as combat with the latest features. The built-in technology and features help decide the price of smartphones, of course. Thus, suggested is a comparison between smartphones with actual model features, details, etc.

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The Bottom Line:

If you are sure that iPhone is suitable for you, it is good to find reliable ways to get one. Always check its authenticity, including seller details. Finding a low-cost and feature-rich smartphone is only possible if you have a smart move. Therefore, take second hand iPhone valuation on the basis of features, warranty, battery life, and more aspects.

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