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In 2020, the Spotify team implemented a digital streaming indicator engine. The developers wanted to show performers and musicians the audience’s feedback in advertising music content. But they had no intention to stop here. They paid particular attention to these indicators in later stages. And now, in 2022, they have got more data from the Laboratory Media Science.

Audition Coverage Ratio => Number of Auditions/Frequency of Airing

These statistics cover the user conversion ratio, which calculates the ratio between the number of music listeners within the last 14 days after an advertisement was released, and the number of users who listened to the advertisement. Comparing the ratios of your ads’ listeners may help you realize the effectiveness of ads. The developers decided to implement this idea and thoroughly analyzed all Ad Studio promotional videos published at the moment. 

As it turns out, it is impossible to find a solid and simple solution for everyone. But there are ways to increase the call-out ratio to users.

So, how to do it:

Apply a targeting feature tailored to your users’ preferences.

The targeting feature allows you to reach listeners who are potential consumers of certain artists’ music based on their listening data. How to add it. While setting the budget and targeting for your ads, find the “Additional Targeting” option at the bottom of the screen.

Check out the features of the Spotify Ad Studio software module

The idea of advertising is to expand your follower base. The best way to do this is to tap into the audience of other users who might also be interested in your music. How do you do this? Go to the artist’s page on the site and try to find a link to the “Fans Like It Too” section. This section operates on listening data and works based on a developed algorithm. Based on analytical data, experts have proven that using the data to determine the target audience will increase the rate of user engagement. 

Spotify’s portal user interface for desktop computers

Focus on the number of impressions

The “Reporting” option provides statistics on the number of times your ads have been heard. The report shows the average amount of time each listener listens to ads. As practice has shown, with an increase in the number of listens, the percentage of user requests also increases. Sometimes users need to listen to your music several times to get to the essence of it! 

If the average frequency is almost 1 when planning your ads, you need to adjust your campaign time and budget, as well as your targeting parameters to find out how often people listen to your ads. But you don’t want to be too intrusive! You shouldn’t allow your audience to experience the effect of repetitive playback. 

Don’t be afraid of anything and state the point

Audio ads on Spotify cannot be longer than thirty seconds. To increase the number of subscribers, it is advisable to use a 30-second time. The longer the ad, the more effective the playback time will be for listeners to perceive.

Create your audio ad or write a script using the Voice-over tool. Speak the name of your brand or song. Many users often start searching for artists on Spotify as soon as they listen to a commercial. If potential users can’t remember the song title or artist’s name, they can’t find you. And then you’d lose potential subscribers. Work on your diction!

Try these tips in practice – promote the next release or album and let your music be heard. 

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