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Who Created Solar Panels? What Are Their Benefits?

For decades, many people have heard a lot about solar panels. Solar installers make several promises surrounding this technology and its benefits. Some of these promises are that solar panels can eliminate your electric bill and protect the environment.

However, some people have a more rudimentary question: “what is a solar panel?” Who created these panels, and what benefits do they truly entail?

Solar panels have a surprisingly long history of development. However, you can comprehend their benefits once you understand how these panels developed.

So, let’s start from the top! Who created solar panels? Learn the history of solar panels and their benefits in this solar panel guide.

Who Created Solar Panels?

The story of solar panels arguably traces back to 1839. That year, a young physicist in France named Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect. This process is integral to solar panels since it produces an electric current when exposed to sunlight.

A few decades later, Charles Fritts generated electricity using a type of solar panel in 1884. However, these initial solar panels were too weak to provide a substantial amount of electricity. It took another 70 years for scientists to develop a system that could power an entire house.

The federal government began initiatives that encouraged the use of solar energy in the 1960s. President Jimmy Carter even installed solar panels on the White House’s roof in 1979.

Solar Panel Benefits

As you can see, solar panels have a history spanning nearly 200 years. The initial design discovered that panels could harness solar power and convert it to electricity.

So, what can these panels do for your house now? It turns out the answer is “a lot.”

As mentioned before, solar panels can drastically reduce your electric bill. In many cases, they can even eliminate this expense. Instead of relying on local energy sources, you can generate your own electricity.

However, this is not the only benefit these panels provide. Solar panels can significantly increase your house’s value on the market. Typically, these systems add roughly 4% to your house’s overall value.

Some people wonder about how feasible the solar panel cost is. However, the federal government offers tax incentives for your solar installation. Currently, the federal government provides a 26% tax credit for homeowners to install their solar panels in 2022.

Finally, various state climates can make this investment highly efficient. Sunny states like Florida, Arizona, and California offer excellent environments for generating electricity through sunlight. You can view this page to learn more about this benefit in your state.

Decide If a Solar Panel System is Right For You

The answer to who created solar panels goes back nearly 200 years. Generations of scientists have improved these systems to make them more efficient and affordable for homeowners.

All that’s left is to decide if these systems can benefit your house. Contact a solar installer today to learn more about how a solar panel system could improve your home.

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