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4 Shining Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 20% of U.S. electricity will come from solar energy by 2050. Today only about 3% of electricity is generated using solar energy. This projected rapid increase in solar power use in the next few decades is likely due to all the benefits that come with using solar power.

This guide will discuss some of the benefits of installing solar panels. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. It Can Reduce Environmental Impact

Homeowners most often decide on going solar to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. Traditional sources of energy, like coal, are nonrenewable. This means they’ll eventually run out, and depleting them for energy will harm the earth.

Using solar energy doesn’t release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Solar power doesn’t cause air or water pollution either. By making the switch to solar power, you’ll be doing your part to make the planet greener and healthier for everyone.

2. It Can Help You Save Money

Solar power will also provide great financial benefits. Since solar panels use the free energy the sun provides, solar energy can power most of your home. This will greatly reduce your monthly utility bill.

Solar panels tend to produce more energy than your home might need, you can sell back this energy to the utility company to offset future energy bills.

You’ll also save on solar panel installation with the many state and federal tax incentives offered. These can help you cover the initial costs of installation, so you’ll end up paying less in the long run.

3. Maintenance Is Simple

Another benefit of installing solar panels is how easy and affordable maintenance will be. Solar panels are built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

They’re guaranteed to last for up to 20 years. You’ll have to do very little to no maintenance on your solar panels during their lifespan.

Keeping your solar panels clean is easy too. Wiping off the dirt and debris with a microfiber cloth a few times a year is all it takes.

4. Installing Solar Will Increase Property Value

Getting solar panels installed on your home will also increase curb appeal. If you’re considering selling your property at a later date, solar panels can help you sell faster and for more.

The increasing popularity of going green makes a home with solar panels more sought after by new homeowners. Reach out and speak with an expert today if any of these great benefits have convinced you to get solar panels for your home.

The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels Explained

There are many benefits to installing solar panels. Switching to solar energy will help reduce your carbon footprint and can help you save on your monthly energy bill, so consider reaching out to a solar installation company today.

Make sure to check out some of the other blogs on our website if you want to learn more about solar panels or other home improvement topics. Make sure to check out some of the other blogs on our website if you want to learn more about solar panels or other home improvement topics.


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