When to See a Chiropractor for Back Pain: Your Questions, Answered

Did you know that almost 65 million Americans have chronic back pain?

Without a healthy spine, an individual’s ability to move is highly compromised. Regarding back pain, a chiropractor is usually recommended during these scenarios. But when to see a chiropractor for back pain?

Keep reading below for a detailed guide.

Back Pain Doesn’t Improve With Home Remedies

There are a number of different reasons why you might experience back pain, and it can be difficult to know when to see a chiropractor. However, if you have tried home remedies and your pain is not improving, it may be time to seek professional help.

A chiropractor for back pain can provide an array of treatment options, depending on the cause of your pain. They may use manipulation, massage, and other techniques to help reduce your pain and improve your mobility.

If you are unsure whether chiropractic care is right for you, speak to your doctor or a certified chiropractor to get more information.

Back Pain Is Accompanied by Other Symptoms

See a chiropractor for lower back pain if you are experiencing back pain along with other symptoms, such as numbness, tingling, weakness, or changes in bowel or bladder function.

These additional symptoms may indicate a more severe condition, such as a herniated disc requiring prompt treatment.

A back pain chiropractor can perform a thorough examination to determine the cause of your back pain and develop a treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and improve your mobility.

The time when to call a chiropractor will depend on your back pain severity. Learn more here if you think you need an immediate adjustment.

Back Pain Persists for More Than a Few Days

If you’re experiencing back pain that persists for more than a few days, it’s time to see a chiropractor. Chiropractors are trained to treat spinal and musculoskeletal issues and can often provide relief for those suffering from back pain.

In addition to manual adjustments, chiropractors may also use physiotherapy and other modalities to treat back pain.

When to Get a Second Opinion on Your Back Pain?

Suppose you have already seen a chiropractor, and your pain persists and is not improving with home treatment.

In that case, it may be time to get a second opinion from a different medical professional. It is also a good idea to get a second opinion if you are considering surgery to correct your back pain.

A chiropractor can help diagnose the cause of your back pain and develop a treatment plan to relieve your pain and prevent future episodes.

Professional Chiropractor for Back Pain

A chiropractor can help relieve pain by realigning your spine and providing other treatments.

When deciding if you should see a chiropractor for back pain, consider how long you’ve been experiencing pain, how severe the pain is, and if other treatments have been unsuccessful. If you think they can help you, schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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