When can I recertify my CCIE?

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified internetwork expert. It is a certificate given to senior networking professionals for complex enterprise networking infrastructures. These professionals design, implement, maintain and debug complex infrastructures.

CCIE recertification is one of the most common subjects for CCIE professionals. Mostly they want to know when they can recertify their CCIE certificate. We are here to educate our audience about when they can recertify their CCIE certificate. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

When to recertify your CCIE certificate?

Every professional having a CCIE certificate must recertify their certificate every two days. If somehow or the other, you fail to recertify your certificate, you can avail of the grace period of one year. You need to remember that even if you don’t recertify your CCIE certificate, your CCIE will be suspended, but you will not lose your number by the end of the grace period.

In February 2020, the certificate validation was extended to 3 years instead of just 2 years. So, now. But note that you don’t get any grace period after 3 years. It means that if you don’t recertify your certificate in 3 years, your number will be lost along with CCIE status.

How to recertify CCIE certificates?

You can have many options to recertify your CCIE certificate. The first way is to have CE credit because you can recertify your CCIE certificate with CE credits. But now, you will need 120 credits instead of 100 credits to recertify your CCIE certificate.

A new way of recertifying the CCIE certificate is to use CE credits and tests side by side to recertify your CCIE certificate. For example, you can attempt the Core Technologies exam along with 40 CE credits to rectify, or you can attempt two specialist exams with 40 CE credits to rectify.

If you don’t want to take two specialist exams, you can take one along with 80 CE credits to recertify in three valid years of recertification. Previously, you only needed exams to recertify your CCIE certificate, but now CE credits are a must for recertification.

So, what do you have to do for CCIE recertification? To qualify for recertification,

  1. First of all, you have to pass the CCIE lab. If you pass it, your CCIE will be recertified.
  2. Else, you can take three specialist exams to qualify for the CCIE recertification.
  3. Or you can attempt the Core technologies exam with another professional test to qualify for the recertification.
  4. You can also recertify through the CCDE written exam because CCDE is not changed in this project and can still recertify CCIE.

Last words:

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