What to Include on a Professional Business Card

Did you know that 27 million business cards are printed daily?

In the modern business world, it’s critical that you create a strong foundation for your brand. A helpful way to do so is by creating and distributing professional business cards.

You can meet people at networking events or while doing your daily work and then have their information. Having a professional business card can help you stay connected with people when you are never expected to have the opportunity again. But what exactly should you include on a business card?

Luckily, we have some tips. Keep reading for a list of excellent business card tips that you can use to make a professional and memorable first impression.


You should know what to include on a business card, and one of the most important is your name. Your name is how people will remember you, so make sure it is straightforward to read. If you have a middle initial, use it.

If you have a nickname, you can use that too. Just make sure the name you use is one that you would be comfortable using in a professional setting. Visit New Era Print Solutions to know more about business card printing.

Job Title

You should include a job title on your professional business card information, so potential employers or clients know your occupation. This is especially important if you are a freelancer or consultant.

Potential employers or clients may not be familiar with the terms used to describe your occupation, so including a job title helps ensure that they understand what you do.


Logos are one of many professionals’ most critical aspects of business cards. They are often the first thing potential clients and customers see, so it is essential to ensure they are of high quality. They should be simple, easy to read, and memorable.

Company Slogan

Sometimes, a company will also include its slogan on its business cards. A slogan can be a great way to make your business cards more memorable and give potential customers a sense of your company.

If you include your company slogan on your business cards, make sure it is short, clear, and easy to remember. This is a great way to sum up your business and what you can offer potential customers or clients.

Contact Details

Whether a recent graduate or an experienced professional, your business card is a valuable tool for networking and promoting yourself. When designing your card, include your contact information so potential employers or clients can quickly get in touch with you.

If you have a website or blog, include the URL on your card so employers can learn more about your work. Be sure to proofread your card before printing it, and consider using a professional printer to ensure that your card makes a good impression.

Put These on Your Professional Business Card

A professional business card is one of the best ways to share your contact information and make a good impression. Include your name, job title, and company logo. You may also want to include a company slogan and your contact details.

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