What to Expect on Your First Tow

When people are in need of a tow truck oftentimes they will find themselves anxious, stressed, upset and angry. To compound these feelings is the fact that many people don’t understand the towing process or what will happen when the towing company arrives. No one likes to feel out of the loop and it is easy for people to feel like they are being taken advantage of when they aren’t aware of what the towing process entails. Fear not though! Below are the steps towing companies use to help recover vehicles. 

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Recovery Towing

There are circumstances that lead towing companies to need to recover vehicles that have gotten stuck off road. No matter how experienced the driver, or how kitted out a car is there is a chance that someone who is off-roading may get stuck. This can happen often on forest roads, off the beaten path or in towns that have poor weather conditions. 

Other times cars can find themselves off of the paved road when they swerve to avoid danger in the roadways, after an accident or sliding off of the road in the ice, snow or rain. 

The main thing that towing companies will be focused on in recovery towing is getting your vehicle back on the road as safely as possible. To accomplish this goal towing companies may use the following tools:

  • Chainsaws for cutting down branches 
  • D-Rings for securing tow lines to vehicles
  • Chains
  • Nylon straps
  • Winches
  • Towing dollies

Utilizing the Winch

For many off-road enthusiasts the winch is a tool that helps them to get out of tough situations. A winch is a tool that is used to lift or haul that often combines a wire rope along with a rotating drum and a motor. For most people winches can give them an edge to get unstuck. Tow trucks also make use of winches to help recover cars that are helplessly stuck. Tow trucks can use the winch along with various straps to help get vehicles out of precarious situations. Some towing companies will use a winch in the following situation. 

  1. If a car has rolled onto its roof or side it must be brought back onto its wheels in order to be towed. A winch can help make sure the car is turned upright. 
  2. A winch can also be coupled with recovery straps. Recovery straps are made out of nylon that allow them to stretch and recover a car with smoother pulling force. 
  3. Winches can also be used for the final step of getting a vehicle on the bed of a truck if the tow truck is a flatbed tow truck.  

Idaho Falls Towing Companies

If you ever find yourself in a pinch don’t hesitate to call Idaho Falls towing companies for help. Their expertise can help get out of a sticky situation and can give you peace of mind through the entire recovery and towing process. While the above are basics of what you can expect for your first tow, know that every situation is different and trust the towing company and the tow truck operator that is there to help you. 

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