The Science of Faith

Faith, to quote the New Testament, is ‘being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see’. 

We probably all agree that there are times in life when we could do with a little more faith. Times where we need to hold on to our vision for life or keep going through a difficult time.

Whether you are someone for whom faith seems to come easily or someone who is more of a sceptic, there are always ways to find more faith in life. 

And there’s plenty of evidence for how life can change for the better with a little more faith!

Why Faith Matters

Having faith simply means holding onto what we hope for. It’s about staying true to our vision for the plan and purpose of our life even when challenges come.

Holding on to faith can be the difference between getting to where we are meant to be or giving up when times get tough. Our faith that we will eventually get where we need to be can help us to keep going and to overcome any hurdles that come our way.

Our Mountain Ring comes with the message ‘Faith moves mountains’, a reminder that what seems like mountains in our life really can be moved when we focus our energy and attention on them. 

Our faith really can accomplish amazing things.

The Science of Faith

In her book, The Source, Dr Tara Swift argues for getting clear on what we hope for and displaying images or carrying reminders of this vision with us.

Sharing from her expertise in neuroscience, Swift explains how the focus of the brain, brought about by what we surround ourselves with, manifests our reality.

What we focus on, or keep faith in, we get more of. By surrounding ourselves with positive images of what we want in our lives, we train our brain to notice opportunities all around us. 

Faith is a spiritual virtue, but it has a scientific basis too.

Keeping the Faith

So how do we cultivate more faith in our life?

Getting clear on what we are seeking is perhaps the first step. And once we have this vision, as Swift recommends, we can begin to support ourselves as we pray for and manifest that vision by surrounding ourselves with positive images that reinforce this message.

Secondly, when it comes to keeping going, we need to remind ourselves of our own abilities to hold onto faith. Sometimes we need to simply hold onto hope and to believe in ourselves to get where we need to go.

And finally, we can be the champion we would want for ourselves for others around us. Affirming others in their own journeys with well-chosen words of encouragement can help us to see our own lives from a new perspective. Reminding others of the power of faith can go a long way in helping us hold onto faith ourselves.

Holding onto faith can be the difference between reaching our goals or never even setting out. It can also be the thing that keeps us going when times are tough. 

We all could do with a reminder from time to time to hold on to what is most important to us. That by keeping faith, we really can move mountains.

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