What Is a WiFi Hotspot Device and How Does It Work?

Projections show that the global WiFi hotspot market will reach a value of $11.76 billion by 2027.

This growth goes hand in hand with our internet use over the years. Mobile devices have given rise to the need for internet access everywhere we go, and portable WiFi hotspot devices make that possible.

To find out more about what a WiFi hotspot device is and why they are useful, keep reading.

What Is a WiFi Hotspot Device?

A WiFi hotspot is a physical location that people can connect to with devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets to gain access to the internet. These have become popular in locations such as hotels, airports, and shopping malls, with some cities even making them available in public spaces like parks.

A WiFi hotspot device is a product that you can purchase and use to connect to the internet. They work in a similar way to a regular WiFi hotspot but come in the form of a pocket-sized device you can carry around with you.

How Does a WiFi Hotspot Device Work?

For the user, a WiFi hotspot works in the same way as a typical WiFi network they might have in their home or at work. Different WiFi hotspots vary significantly in terms of their speed, power, and range.

Depending on the location, some public WiFi hotspots may also charge people to use them.

Different Types

There are various types of WiFi Hotspots. Certain ones may be limited, so you want to be sure of your needs if you intend to use one.

Public Hotspots

These are the type found in public areas. They are often free to use but sometimes charge a fee. Be cautious when using these, as an open network can present several security risks – this is when a portable hotspot device may be far superior.

Public hotspots are not always the most reliable, and you may notice speed or connection issues when using them.

Mobile Hotspots

Mobile hotspot devices can be purchased at a relatively low price and you can use them with most phones, tablets, and computers. For anyone who is traveling a lot (eg. for work/vacation) one of these may be the best WiFi hotspot available.

Bear in mind that these might require a data plan, and going over this may incur additional charges.

Certain types of these do not need a data plan and instead provide unlimited WiFi for a set time, such as the SKT Egg Pocket WiFi. Click here to see more about this model.

WiFi Hotspot Device Advantages and Disadvantages

WiFi hotspot devices have become essential for a lot of people. Some of the benefits of a WiFi hotspot device include:

  • Internet connection anywhere you go
  • High connection speeds
  • Can set up a password to keep network secure
  • Can attach sim to use WiFi instead of Data

They do, however, come with a couple of drawbacks. They require cell service to work and may have issues when the service is weak. Signal interference can affect the speed, although this is relatively uncommon.

Do You Need a WiFi Hotspot Device?

Ultimately the need for a WiFi hotspot device depends on your need for an internet connection and how that ties in with your location. If you spend most of your time at home or work with a reliable WiFi connection, you may not need to worry.

If you spend time in various places where you may need a better connection, then a portable WiFi hotspot device could come in very handy!

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