What Is a Nursing Home? A Complete Guide

Around 15% of the elderly live in a nursing home.

But, what is a nursing home, and should you consider it for yourself or your family members? Well, a nursing home is a safe space to live when you’re vulnerable or unable to look after yourself.

Nursing homes primarily cater to the elderly and disabled and can help take the pressure off family members who usually care for loved ones.

If you’re at a loss for what to do when looking after a family member, a nursing home could be the best way to care for them and keep them comfortable.

Read on for a simple nursing home guide

What Is a Nursing Home?

A nursing home is somewhere for people to live when they don’t need permanent hospital care but could do with supportive living.

Depending on your needs, you may get a different level of care in a nursing home; some are set up like hospitals, others just like a cozy living space.

You’ll usually find that nursing homes cater for a specific type of condition – e.g., the elderly, people with Down syndrome and other cognitive impairments, or people with severe degenerative diseases.

If you’re looking for nursing home advice, it’s best to choose one that can cater to the needs of your loved one.

When to Consider a Nursing Home?

No one likes the process of choosing to relocate a loved one to a nursing home. Unfortunately, it’s often a necessary part of life, and there are several times when it becomes appropriate.

First, if your loved one needs more support and company than you can provide, it’s often kinder to let them live somewhere they have constant care and attention.

Also, if they suffer from cognitive decline, you have to consider their safety. Do you trust that they’ll remember to turn the gas off? If in any doubt, it’s time to get them some professional support.

How to Choose the Right Nursing Home

If you’ve decided this is the best option, you can start with a simple search for a ‘nursing home near me’ and see what comes up – it’s best to keep local so you can visit regularly.

Next, visit and see if they can cater to all your (and their) needs. Are they kind? Are they skilled?

If stories of nursing home abuse have put you off, get in touch with a lawyer first to see what you need to know before committing to any home.

Sleep Easy With Professional Nursing Care

So, time to stop wondering ‘what is a nursing home?’ Now you know.

If you’ve been caring for a loved one but don’t think you can give them the best life they deserve, it might be time to consider enlisting the help of trained carers to keep them comfortable.

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