Things to do in Eagle Idaho

Eagle is among the thriving, upscale neighbourhoods’ northwest of Idaho’s capital that is among the Boise Metropolitan Area. Hiking and cycling routes wind through the foothills of the Boise Range and along the banks of the Boise River, making nature and fresh air a part of daily life in Eagle.

Things to do in Mountain Home Idaho

Here are some fun things you can do whenever you are on a trip to Mountain Home, Idaho.

  • Bruneau Dunes State Park: A dune system lies on the opposite side of the Snake River, which is not quite far south of Mountain Home. It boasts of being the largest single-structured dune in the world.
  • Richard Aguirre Park: It is among the best locations you can be in whenever you are in Mountain Home on a sunny day. This is completely correct in situations where you have kids, as there are age-appropriate playground spots, a totally new skatepark, and enough open areas to play and enjoy a picnic in the park.
  • Mountain Home City Pool: This swimming pool, which is situated at Richard Aguirre Park, is open from June to August. Lap swimming is incredibly economical as it features a one-time admission cost for all ages.

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Fun Things to do in Lewiston Idaho

Here are some fun things you can do to enjoy yourself when you are in Lewiston, Idaho.

  • Hells Gate State Park: A beautiful 960-acre piece of riverbank nature for camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and kayaking not too far from the Snake River south of Lewiston.
  • Hells Canyon: Lewiston is one of the nearest major cities to Hells Canyon, which lies about fifty miles up the Snake River and is spectacular but incredibly remote.
  • Lewis-Clark Valley Wine Region: This area of Northwest Idaho possesses everything you could think of to develop a world-class wine, like sandy soils, rolling hills, crisp winters, and a long, warm ripening season.
  • Downtown Lewiston: Over the years,Lewiston made numerous investments with a lot of time and money into its downtown area, full of unique shops you would not discover in any other place.
  • Lindsay Creek Vineyards: Lindsay Creek Vineyards lies a few miles east of Lewiston in the open countryside. It is a great place to start your Lewis-Clark Valley wine journey.
  • Nez Perce County Historical Society & Museum: Nez Perce County’s history is full of fascinating details. Whenever you wish to start learning more about the history, visit this museum near the Snake River-Clearwater River junction.
  • Basalt Cellars Winery: An award-winning winery is located in Clarkston, in a small industrial park overlooking the Snake River’s beautiful north bank.

Idaho City Things to Do

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Idaho City is among the most interesting areas you could go to when on vacation, and it is also among the few cities in Idaho that has been preserved from the Gold Rush era. History learning, shopping, dining, hiking, and even swimming is some of the things you could enjoy. Here are some of our favourite activities in Idaho City.

  • Enjoying a Swim at the Idaho Hot Springs: The hot springs are natural areas you could go to all year round. Most regions of Southeast Idaho are constructed on top of natural hot springs, and this city has transformed the natural hot springs into an amazing and quiet spot to go on a trip to see.
  • Going on a Shopping Spree in Idaho City’s Main Street: The most enjoyable activity in Idaho City is shopping on Main Street. There are enough businesses to keep you busy for an entire day, such as antique stores and stores run by local artisans.
  • Enjoying Some Tasty Delicacies in Idaho City: Following a busy shopping day, there are lots of eateries in Idaho City you could go to enjoy a tasty meal like Diamond Lil’s Steakhouse & Saloon, The Gold Mine Bar & Grill, and Trudy’s Kitchen.

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