What Causes Gun Recoil? (And How to Handle It)

Are you planning on learning how to shoot a gun?

If so, one of your biggest concerns is likely the gun recoil that you’ll encounter after firing your shot. Gun recoil can be intense for many first-time shooters, and if you’re not careful, you can severely injure yourself!

So, what are the causes of gun recoil and how do you handle it when you fire your shot?

This guide will show you how to prepare yourself for gun recoil to ensure your safety.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Causes Recoil In a Gun?

Gun recoil is when the gun “pushes back” after it releases the bullet. The gun will exert force in the opposite direction of where the bullet is traveling.

This recoil can be intense for many first-time shooters as the force can be an immense pressure on their arms and shoulders. The pain and soreness following a gun recoil can be too intense that some shooters never pick up a gun again!

However, there are always methods to protect yourself from gun recoil. One of the ways is to improve your physical fitness. You need to develop strength in your upper body to reduce the pain.

Make sure you build muscle in your biceps and triceps. You also need a strong chest to reduce the pain from gun recoil.

How to Handle Gun Recoil

One of the first steps you should take is to shop around for the best recoil pads. These pads don’t eliminate the gun recoil but they do reduce the force and velocity from it.

You should test out different gun recoil pads at your local gun range. This will give you an idea of which one works best for your needs.

Next, you need to prepare yourself for gun recoil. The first step is to mentally prepare yourself. Expect that you’ll feel a recoil and you’ll be less likely to fear it!

In addition, consider shooting with a heavier handgun. Often, these naturally have built-in components that reduce the intensity of the gun recoil.

Hold the handgun firmly with both hands. This helps you control the gun more and helps reduce the pain of the recoil. Your arms should always be extended as much as possible.

Make sure you also learn how to improve your stance when shooting. This is often one of the toughest aspects of shooting a gun and requires lots of practice. But once you master this aspect of firing a gun you’ll have fewer troubles with the recoil.

That’s How Gun Recoil Works

Now that you know how gun recoil works you can take the steps needed to protect yourself against injury.

Your first step is to improve your physical fitness. Make sure you build your upper arm strength and your chest strength.

Afterward, consider investing in gun recoil pads to reduce the intensity of the gun recoil. Make sure you also improve your stance and shoot with heavier handguns to reduce the pain of gun recoil.

You can find more tips on how to shoot guns on our blog!


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