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Popular Bathroom Decor Trends for 2022

2022 could be considered “the year of the bathroom.” We’re currently in the midst of a perfect storm of chance elements that are causing everybody, everywhere to reconsider their bathrooms.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association discusses some of the reasons for this rash of remodeling. The great majority of home renovation projects got delayed or canceled for 2 years due to COVID-19. The number of jobs and renovation projects continued to accumulate while new jobs continue to accumulate.

Now that the COVID-19 is winding down, it’s off to the races for anyone who’s been planning on re-doing their bathroom. Some will want to take advantage of the increasing availability of contractors and construction materials. Others may not feel like joining the thronging queue for contractors and choose to tackle some DIY bathroom decor projects, themselves.

So whether you’re planning on working with a professional to redesign your bathroom or will be creating your own stylish bathroom, these are some of this year’s hottest bathroom decor trends!

1. Matte Fixtures

Bathrooms tend to fluctuate between the classic and the modern. Victorian charm and cottagecore simplicity are giving way to sleek modernism.

Matte black fixtures have been trending in bathroom decor for a couple of years now. We predict that these bathroom improvements will continue to take off as matte fixtures are an easy way to give a luxury bathroom feel.

2. Cozy Elements

If there’s one thing that can be said about 2022 design aesthetics, it’s that there’s no single 2022 design aesthetic. While in one breath we talk about the resurgence of modernism, we can turn right around and point to a return to the hygge and the homey.

Some bathroom improvements are forsaking the coldness and sterility of minimalism with more earthy colors and organic elements.

This means more colors, more decorations like framed photos, or decorative elements like elaborate rugs or textile wall hangings.

The desire for a cozy bathroom makes sense. It’s where so many of us go to relax and unwind. There’s little in life that’s so relaxing as a candlelit bath surrounded by fresh-cut flowers and earthy colors.

Cozy design touches can help you feel closer to the Earth, as well, even if you’re living in a busy urban center. Even something as simple as some handmade soaps in a wicker basket is a way to add some country charm to your space.

You don’t necessarily have to choose between the rustic and the modern, either. You can always choose a cozy, country-like main aesthetic and then offset it with some modern flourishes like decorative ceiling tiles.

3. Striking Wallpaper

Speaking of striking decorative elements, a bold wallpaper pattern is another way to blend minimalism with a conversation piece to make your bathroom decor really pop.

For the past couple of years, we’ve been seeing a return of mod ’60s and ’70s pattern wallpaper. Others are following a similar design trend but taking more of their cues from turn-of-the-century luxury and Gilded Age splendor.

Whatever decade you’re drawing inspiration from, a vibrant wallpaper is an instantaneous way to blend the colorful and organic with the streamlined elegance of modern minimalism.

Just imagine a rich, bold wallpaper of blood-red poppies as a backdrop to polished chrome and matte black fixtures. It could be like Warhol and Blade Runner, all rolled into one.

4. Incorporate Textiles

One of the central themes for 2022 bathrooms is how to blend comfort and style. It’s like trying to make a space warm and cool at the same time.

Like well-regulated temperature control, we all know that getting that balance just right is perfection.

One of the most popular decorating tips is to choose your main aesthetic and then augment it with details. We already talked about incorporating organic elements like wood, stones, or seashells.

Textiles are an even easier way to add some color and warmth to a space. Even better, it requires no work or preparation.

Like a bold wallpaper, a striking rug or carpet is another way to instantaneously add some color and warmth to your bathroom. Bonus, in that they literally add warmth, as well, as you don’t have to step onto freezing cold tile when you’re getting out of the bath.

Rugs, carpets, and fabric wall hangings also make for an inexpensive way to redo your decor. You can pick out towels and washcloths that make your accessories to add a whole new color palette to your bathroom decor without having to do any painting.

5. Vintage Elements

Perhaps the biggest challenge in 2022 interior design is how to make your space unique while also meeting the current tastes and trends. We don’t want our bathroom to look like something out of a magazine spread, for instance. We want it to be ours.

As is so often the case with interior design, it really boils down to the details.

Another easy way to add some personality and charm to your bathroom is to source some distinctive vintage design elements like hardware for your cabinetry, doorknobs, or even decor.

Don’t discount the power of your local boutiques and antique stores when you’re redoing your bathroom. They’re a great source for regional flourishes that will also help your home feel more rooted in the local culture, while also letting you express yourself!

Our bathrooms are where we go to relax and decompress. It’s where we go for some much-needed self-care, as we tend to our minds, bodies, and spirits. Perhaps more than any other room in the house, it makes sense to make your bathroom exactly the way you want it.

Hopefully, these 2022 bathroom decor trends will provide some inspiration for your makeover.

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