What Are the Most Popular Wheel Rim Colors?

When it comes to our cars, there are a few boxes we check when making a new purchase. We check for comfort and quality of course but for many, our cars are a way to make us stand out in a crowd.

But, did you know that there are over 276 million cars on the US roads alone? If you are looking to really make a statement besides your car color, then try customizing your rims.

Rims are not usually the first thing you notice on a car, but if you keep reading we’ll give you a few popular rim colors that will really make your car pop.

Black Rims: A Timeless Classic

From sports cars to Mini Coops or SUVs to 4×4 trucks, most people agree that black rim tires look good on any size car. They can give your car that extra bit of pizazz you’ve been looking for and are considered to be among the best color rims for a black car.

Even though black rims have seen a rise in popularity over the past 10 years, these colored rims are sure to make a lasting impression on any car enthusiast.

White Rims: A Fresh Look

There are pros and cons to having white rim tires, but they still manage to stand up over time, and that’s why they are among the most popular rim colors.

Aside from offering you a fresh, clean look that is sure to turn heads, white rims are highly reflective by nature and can improve visibility while driving.

However, because white rims are so reflective, they are more likely to obtain sun damage over time. It is for this reason that you protect your white rims or any colorful rims with a rim coating protectant that can ensure the longevity of your rims for years to come. You can get wheel powder coating here and find out more about how to protect your colored rims.

Silver Rims: A Classic Choice

If you look at all the other cars while out on the road, you will notice that the vast majority of car rims are silver. That’s because they are made of steel which has a natural silver finish and are by far the easiest rims to care for.

If you are worried that your colored rims may go out of style at some point, then stick with silver, a classic car rim that will undoubtedly live forever.

If you like the classic silver color but worry it will look like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry car out on the road, then consider changing the design of the rims themselves. Unless there is some unforeseen futuristic hovering car that requires no wheels at all, silver rims are here to stay!

Red Rims: A Bold Statement

Red is a color that screams, “Here I am, look at ME!” That’s why fire trucks are painted red after all, well one of the reasons but you get the point. If you want to stand out, you get a red car, if you want to be bold, you get red rims on an opposite color car like black or white.

Red rim tires also look great on a truck and give it a bit of life in case you feel your F150 just isn’t standing out enough.

Choose the Right Rim Colors

There are many different color rims out there and while we have given you just a few of the many popular rim colors, make sure you choose a color that will boost your car’s optimal look rather than go against it.

You may be looking to turn heads while out on the road, but make sure it is for all the right reasons. Most importantly, have fun with your customizations and drive safe!

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