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What Are the Different Types of Valves That Exist Today?

Are you familiar with valves?

They’re a necessity, and every industry relies on valves. They help regulate pressure and flow. If it weren’t for valves, many industries and machines would suffer.

For instance, many industrial activities use industrial valves, clamps, leak-proof industrial hoses, or gaskets. These carry coolant and hydraulic fluids, supporting the operation of engines and power steering systems. In the chemical sector, these are crucial for safely transferring various chemicals, ensuring efficient processing and handling. Similarly, in the food and beverage industry, these components play a vital role in the hygienic transfer of liquids and materials.

Learn more about the different types of valves available today.

Gate Valves

A gate valve is a type of valve that is used to block or allow the flow of a fluid. There are two types of gate valves, namely the rising stem and non-rising stem. Rising stem gate valves have a stem that rises when the valve is opened, while non-rising stem gate valves have a stem that does not rise when the valve is opened.

Gate valves are used in various applications, such as pipeline systems, water treatment plants, and chemical plants. Gate valves are available in a variety of sizes and materials, such as cast iron, steel, brass, and bronze.

Needle Valves

Needle valves get their name from their slender, needle-like control levers. These valves are used in a variety of applications where precise regulation of fluid flow is required. These are used in the laboratory and medical equipment, and the control of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

There are two main types of needle valves; namely those with a screw-in tip, and those with a bayonet-type connection.

Butterfly Valves

There are many different types of butterfly valves, each with its specific purpose. The most common type is the wafer butterfly valve, which is designed for use in low-pressure applications. These commercial valves are often used in irrigation systems and water treatment plants.

Another common type of butterfly valve is the lug butterfly valve, which is designed for use in high-pressure applications. These valves are often used in oil and gas pipelines.

Globe Valves

A globe valve is a type of valve used in pipelines to regulate flow. It consists of a round body with a cylindrical stem and a disk-shaped plug that fits into the body. The plug has a hole in the center that allows flow through when it is open and blocks flow when it is closed.

Globe industrial valves are used in a variety of applications, including controlling the flow of water, steam, and other fluids in plumbing and heating systems.

Check Valves

Check valves are one type of valve that is used to prevent backflow in a piping system. There are many different types of check valves, including ball check valves, disc check valves, and butterfly check valves. Each type of check valve has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Petrochemical Valves

Petrochemical valves are designed to control the flow of corrosive and/or flammable liquids, gases, and vapors in petrochemical processing plants. The materials of construction for petrochemical valves must be compatible with the process fluid. This is to avoid corrosion and/or contamination of the process fluid.

Know Which Types of Valves You Need

There are many types of valves, each with a specific purpose. When choosing the right valve for your needs, it is important to consider the type of fluid you will be working with, the operating environment, and the required flow rate. By understanding the different types of valves and their benefits, you can choose the right valve for your application.


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