What Are the Different Types of Fabric?

Were you aware that fabrics range in texture and use? There are many different types of fabric, and knowing what they are can make all the difference in your designs.

Knowing the textures helps you determine which clothing pieces are high quality. Likewise, knowing how they are used enables you to craft a more abundant selection of outfits.

Knowing the different fabric types can be as easy as knowing which resource to look at, so keep reading, and we’ll explain what to look for.

Fabric Fibers

The most common types of fabrics based on their fibers are natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and blends.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers come from plants or animals and include cotton, linen, wool, and silk. This fiber is often more breathable and absorbent than synthetic fibers, making them ideal for clothing.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers are artificial and include polyester, nylon, and acrylic. Compared to natural fibers, synthetic fibers are more durable and cheaper. Thus, making them a better choice for furniture or carpeting.


Blends are fabrics made from a mix of natural and synthetic fibers, thus giving the advantages of both fiber types used. Common blended fiber types include cotton/polyester, nylon/wool, and linen/rayon, but many more possible combinations exist.

Fabric Weave

Fabrics can also be categorized by their weave. The most common weaves are plain, twill, and satin.


Plain weave is the simplest and most commonly used weave. This type of weave is obtained through interlacing the horizontal threads on vertical threads, going over and under until you reach the end.

Plain weaves produce solid fabrics, and some examples include canvas. If you want to learn more about canvas fabrics, head to


Twill weave fabrics are characterized by their distinct diagonal appearance. This is done by making the vertical fibers under two horizontal threads.

Fabrics weaved with this style adapt to movement. This type of weave is primarily used in accessories such as scarves.


Satin weave fabrics resemble twill weaves except for the regular step in the horizontal fibers. This produces spaced and evenly distributed spots in the material, with a smooth, glossy surface.

This type of weave works best with silk, creating delicate pieces, primarily seen in expensive dresses and accessories.

How to Choose the Right Fabric Material

When buying fabric, it depends on the desired garment properties and the intended use. For example, a summer dress would require light and airy fabric such as cotton, whereas a winter coat would need a heavier material such as wool to provide insulation.

You would also choose your fabric depending on the weave you can do and which you have the tools to do.

The Different Types of Fabric Available Today

Once you’ve reached this part of the article, I’m confident you have enough knowledge to choose among the different fabric types in the market.

If you’re still having trouble determining which one is the right for you, don’t hesitate to consult a professional! Hope you find the perfect fabric for you!

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