Various Tips to Buy Electric Scooters Online in India

Are you one of those who are seeking a perfect alternative to fuel-based two-wheelers within the budget? Look no further! EV vehicles are future modes of transportation that produce zero emissions and set free the rider’s mind to think about daily fuel expenses. No doubt, two-wheelers are one of the most popular modes of transport among middle-class families in India, and many individuals are pondering to switch to e-scooters to reduce the effect of poisonous gases and air pollution. Online booking of electric scooters is a great initiative to make our planet safer.

But Why Buy Electric scooters online in India?

Various causes force us to embrace electric two-wheels, such as global warming, high fuel prices, and post-pandemic freedom. Did you know that over 50 electric two-wheeler brands are active in India and work tirelessly to cater to the unique electric mode of transport needs without compromising their safety and essential features?

Sokudo is one of the reputed e-scooter brands in India that is gradually taking place in the consumer’s heart when you buy electric scooters online. They are award-winning manufacturers who have notched up thousands of bookings even before the the factory was inaugurated. This brand manufactures these e-scooters at their state-of-the-art units based on various riders’ specific needs.

Buying electric scooters online in India is crucial, which is fed up with daily expenditure on fuel prices. However, purchasing a new e two-wheeler can be an emotional and rewarding experience that brings a smile to every face in the family.

However, various questions should come into mind before putting your hard-earned money on an electric mode of transportation.

1. Battery Riding Range:  When you depend on a fuel-based two-wheeler, you are always worried about the fuel tank. When it comes to the electric option, your first concern should be how long durable your battery is. It is not about covering long distances but ensuring your e-scooter battery stores for a decent range.

Buy an electric scooter online in India that provides a decent coverage of around 150 km on a single charge. Sokudo branded e-scooters offer long battery life to cover maximum distance.

2. Charging Time: When you compare various electric two-wheelers available in the competitive market, there is no parameter to scale the sufficient charging time. If your two-wheeler is charged within 3 to 5 hours, it is a good choice and indicates you are on the right track while buying a new one.

3. Power: It seems like a complex task to gauge compared to an internal combustion (IC) engine. The buyers may easily understand the power when the sellers explain 125 or 150 CC. On the other hand, what about 2300 W? It may confuse you. However, you can consider the top speed and acceleration to cover the short rides. So, you will have an idea about the power of the motor.

However, the motor in your e-scooter is responsible for transmitting the electric power to the wheel. It is highly recommended that you opt for the two-wheeler that provides the right amount of power output during usage. Going with an under-powered EV may spoil your riding experience and create a frustrating situation. So, it would be better to take the help of showroom staff to get sufficient information about the specifications of the e-scooters before making a purchase.

4. Charging Stations: When you buy electric scooters online in India, more than home charging is required. It would be better to access public charging stations if you plan to cover long distances. In addition, having a good network of public charging stations allows you to charge your two-wheeler on the road in an emergency.

5. Maintenance Cost: When you invest in e two-wheelers, you do not need to spend often your hard-earned money on maintenance service. These scooters have few moving parts that save significant costs every year.

6. Consider the Budget: E-scooters are a one-time investment, and riders save significantly yearly on fuel prices. However, budget is another important consideration. When you spend around 70-90 thousand, you can get a perfect electric scooter that gives you reasonable range, high-performance battery, and suited build quality with Sokudo.

7. Available Spare Parts: When you buy electric scooter online from a trusted brand, they provide you with all the accessories to complete your unseen hero on the roads. However, these are recommended accessories such as a lock, helmet, phone holder, puncture protection fluid, lights, etc.

Sokudo- a Trusted Place for Electric Scooter Online Booking Solution

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and highly durable e-scooter, your search ends at Sokudo. They are a trusted manufacturer in India who designs and manufactures these e-scooters to consider the rural and urban areas. You can take a test drive before investing in an elegant one.

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