Understanding Your Workplace’s Fire Safety Code

In 2019, there were 1,291,500 trends in fires. While it’s a decrease of 3.2% from 2010, fires are still a concern.

Understanding your company’s fire safety code is essential. It could be the difference between life and death!

While it can feel frustrating trying to figure out the facts and understand them, we’re here to help. Read this guide on better understanding your job’s fire safety code today.

Understanding Workplace Fire Safety

Companies will have products such as Nomex to keep them safe from fires. Fire safety is there to prevent uncontrolled fires.

You must follow all safety protocols that your company has in place. This could include understanding the workplace’s fire safety plan, fire drills, and fire extinguisher training. If you have questions about fire safety codes, speak with your manager.

How To Avoid a Fire in the Workplace

Keep the office well ventilated, dry, and clean. Have everyone practice escape routes in case of an emergency.

Screens should be removable, and windows need to open. Keep obstacles away from exits.

Don’t have heating devices unattended. Items that can burn need to be kept away from electrical equipment. Check for overloaded or damaged cords, cables, and outlets.

General Codes

General codes involve emergency planning. 1910.94 involves ventilation, 1910.39 is a fire prevention plan.

Some others include:

  • 1910.35-Compliance with alternate exit-routes
  • 1910.36-Construction and design for exit routes
  • 1910.37-Safeguards, maintenance, and operational features for exits

To see a full list, contact your manager. Fire protection includes the safe handling of hazardous materials. If you see unsafe practices by employees, contact your manager immediately.

Fire protection includes having extinguishers available. The extinguishers need to be for water spray, foam, and gaseous agents.

Automatic sprinkler systems and hose systems are a requirement. Employee alarm systems and fire detection are vital.

Depending on the facility, you might have more codes than other companies. These are separate from OSHA regulations which have their own requirements.

Fire Safety Tips

A fire prevention plan has to be written. Avoid waste buildup.

Label heat-producing ignition in the workplace. Keep a list of those responsible for controlling and preventing fires.

Identify all fire hazards. Include instructions for how each product should be stored and handled. Provide information on how the hazards could ignite.

Employee Training

Employee training is a requirement. Provide them with education on fire extinguishers and emergency exits.

Have surprise fire drills to go over what to do in that situation. Educate them in meetings and provide material they can follow along with. Answer questions that they might have.

A Guide on the Fire Safety Code

After exploring this fire safety code guide, you should have a better understanding of what it is. Take your time deciding what the best plan of action is for your company. After exploring this fire safety code guide, you should have a better understanding of what it is. Take your time deciding what the best plan of action is for your company.

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