Top 6 Home Remedies for Sinus Relief

Over eleven percent of adults in the United States suffer from sinusitis. And, that’s not the only thing that can be wrong with your sinuses.

But, you don’t want to run to a doctor every time you get a slight issue, do you?

Well, you may be able to relieve some of your symptoms from the comfort of your own home. Read on to learn about the best home remedies for sinus relief.

1. Humidifiers

If you’re suffering from a sinus infection, you may feel pressure and dryness in your sinuses. A humidifier can help to relieve some of your symptoms. A humidifier can help thin out some of the buildup of mucus that might be causing you discomfort.

2. Hot Compresses

If you don’t want to invest in a humidifier, a hot compress can do the trick in a pinch. You can just get a hot towel, and place it over your chest or face. You can even use your compress to help you breathe in more steam, by placing it over the sink as the hot water runs.

3. Hot Showers 

Another way you can relieve some of the pressure in your sinuses is to use the steam from a hot shower.

Have you tried all these home remedies? Are you still struggling with sinus pain? It might be time to discuss your issues with a medical professional. You can find more info here

4. Get Some Sleep

Like with any illness, you need to get getting lots of rest when you’re having sinus problems. So, make sure that you’re taking proper care of yourself. To help clear up our sinuses as you sleep, try propping up your head with a few pillows.

5. Some Essential Oils

Some scents can also help relieve your sinus issues. Eucalyptus oil is one major one.

You can add eucalyptus oil to your steam, in the shower, or in a dehumidifier. Or, you can find a diffuser to help it penetrate your pores as you sleep.

6. Neti Pots

When it comes to nasal irritation, neti pots can’t be beaten. Neti pots actually show long-term benefits for users, as opposed to the short-term benefits of steam. But, you need to ensure that you’re using a neti pot correctly so that you don’t make your sinus issues worse or even end up injuring yourself.

You always need to clean your neti pot thoroughly before you use it, to prevent infection from contaminants.

To fill your neti pot, you’ll want to mix around 3 tablespoons of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda with water. Then, you’ll have to pour it carefully.

Try Out These Home Remedies for Sinus Relief Today

Hopefully, you’ll get some sinus relief from these home remedies. It may take some trial and error, but after experimenting with a few methods you’ll be able to find something that works for you.Well, you may be able to relieve some of your symptoms from the comfort of your own home. Read on to learn about the best home remedies for sinus relief.

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