What Should You Do About Your Dry Cough?

Coughing is sort of a natural type of reflex for clearing your throat and lungs of irritants. Though a rare dry cough is rarely a reason for any concern, tenacious coughing can hint or showcase an underlying medical situation that might even be more serious. This dry cough, or at times a prickly cough, is a cough that never really fetches up any mucus or that of phlegm. Dry coughs might trigger an itching sensation and are mostly because of irritation in the throat.

Doctors or health professionals most of the time refer to dry coughs as that of non-productive coughs. Contrary to a wet, or any sort of productive cough, cough fetches phlegm that is assistive in clearing airways of aggravations. Well, the point is you can check out dry cough treatment at home too that may work for you. Many people do try out home remedies that work wonders for their relief.

What really triggers coughing?

An extreme cough might get divided into infectious (Activated by an infection) and non-infectious sort of causes.

  • Infectious causes of acute cough are such as viral upper respiratory infections (general cold), pneumonia, sinus infections, severe bronchitis, and even whooping cough.
  • Non-infectious coughs may have flare-ups of chronic situations such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, and environmental allergies.

The easiest way to abridge the reasons for chronic cough is to simply divide them into their place related to the lungs. The categories are situations like your lungs, environmental irritants, situations along passages that pass air from the lungs to the environment, conditions within the chest cavity but outside of your lungs, and that of digestive reasons.

Can Ayurvedic Treat Dry Cough?

You can easily get a good ayurvedic syrup or treatment for your problem of cough. Similarly, Prana Vayu as well as Udana Vayu (sorts of Vata) rule the respiratory system. When viruses, allergens, and even that of bacteria mar them, irritation comes up. Because of a countermeasure, the body forcibly expels air to remove the obstruction. At the time of such a process, the Vata (biological air) balance in your body reduces and activates Vataja Kasa.

Ayurvedic home remedies 

Here are some dry cough remedies that may be helpful for you:

  • Before going to bed, consume warm milk with turmeric and honey. It acts like a natural antibiotic.
  • Take up turmeric powder mixed up with honey three times in one day 
  • Use the decoction of Sauf (Ani seeds) like the base water for preparing tea or coffee.
  • Calm your infected throat with the assistance of natural cough syrup formed by blending ginger as well as honey.  
  • Liquorice (Mulethi) to remove inflammation.
  • You may chew Tulsi leaves throughout your day to get the relief.
  • Add up a tweak of cinnamon powder in warm water or your cup of tea for the relief from irksome throat irritability
  • Consume tea formed up of Tulsi (Basil leaves), ginger as well as honey


So, check out a good ayurvedic medicine for dry cough and once you consume it, you get healed without any side effects.

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